No, The Democratic Party Didn’t Leave You. You were Never a Democrat






Back in the day on my earlier blog where I exclusively wrote about my young sexual exploits I remember one girl in particular. This was in my mid 20’s, I met her in Vegas and ended up having a crazy wild night. It was good enough and I was dumb enough that a few months later I agreed to fly and visit her from DC to San Diego. We picked right off where we left off as soon as we got back to her place. Afterwards we decided to recharge and go out for some food. Things were going fine, the banter was flowing and then during our conversation I told a joke and ended it with a phrase along the lines of, “How fucking retarded”. Her face turned stone cold and she quickly chastised me that she took offense to using the term “retarded” as a disparaging remark? I was taken aback because I wasn’t referring to anyone in particular or making fun of a handicapped person. Up until then I’d always used the term around all sorts of people with no repercussions until that moment. The shock quickly gave way to anger as I thought to myself, “who was she to question or curtail my speech, how I expressed myself and what I found to be funny or not. Who was she to lecture me on the right or wrong words to say or how to use my words”. She was offended because she worked closely volunteering with the mentally disabled. Needless to say, the rest of my time in San Diego was abysmal.

Lately there’s been this HILARIOUS attempt at a fake trend of aggrieved white males that have felt strongly the Democratic Party have abandoned them. That the Democrats turned on them, attacked them and tossed them into the cold cruel world to fend for themselves, leaving them NO OTHER CHOICE but to flirt with the Alt Right, racism and vote for Trump. One would inquisitively ask how does a political party turn its back and leave a group of people. Did the Democratic party become pro-life, reverse its opinion on climate change, recant its ideals on equal rights for all and stop supporting the LGBT community? What did the DNC specifically do that was so egregious as to cause a so called mass exodus of these poor disenfranchised powerless white males?

Apparently, this had been building up for a while. Certain things that used to be ok in the past were no longer ok. The final disrespect to white males that “forced” them to leave the Democratic Party was the UVA rape hoax. Let that settle in for a moment a hoax that was debunked within weeks, where nobody went to jail, that ultimately resulted in the publisher of said hoax getting sued out their ass and all innocent parties being fully vindicated was the ultimate tipping point for white males to leave the DNC. (At this point one could argue this has nothing to do with the Democratic party or beliefs but rather a cultural, sexist issue/ shift along liberal lines). Now if we’re going with this type of thinking then Black    .Men    .Should.Have.Left the party A LONG TIME AGO! But this was a bridge too far, these “lifelong Democrats” who were betrayed by the liberal groups they “supported”.

Alone and confused these ex Democrats wondered in the wilderness (looked at twitter) and found a new “cool”, “Sexy”, “fringe”, “punk rock” conservative elements called the Alt-Right. FINALLY SAVED they thought they found a party for them that cared about the lost lonely ex liberal lifelong Democrats. Despite EVERYONE and their mom knowing from 21 Jump Street, how were they to know that the Alt Right was racist? I mean what could have given it away, the alt right just came off as pro white and hip. Again, let’s not thinking about the fact that these are so called former liberals. But soon these men opened their eyes (after the election was won and people started infighting for power and control of the Alt-Right) and realized that GASP the Alt Right were kind of a little racist. They themselves weren’t, ya know, racist. Sort of like getting drunk in college and sucking another man’s dick then waking up in the morning and realizing you might be kind of a little gay but the full gay lifestyle is not for you. Even then it wasn’t that they were “racist” it was that the alt-right ideas weren’t feasible. So again, these downtrodden men had to make a move. Create their own party one that supported them but wasn’t THAT openly racist and hence A New Right was born. As it is written in the Holy New Right Genesis chapter 1: Abel’s Revenge. The Book of Men. Let us bow our heads.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to realize when you get to the bottom of the fake white martyr complex   these men hold, the truth is they were never really Democrats to begin with. More accurately they were never really liberals. They might have “lived” in a Democratic city or environment, they might have been surrounded by Democrats socially, they might have passively supported gays, minorities and women’s rights but let’s be honest they were never about that life. To be more accurate they were about as involved as the middle aged white chicks taking selfies and posting to Instagram and FB announcing to the world they attended the women’s March. It was all show and no attention. They were only in it because at that point it was the “cool” thing to do. These men who’ve never known any real persecution as a group before. Who’ve never feared for their life or rights being taken away most of their lives. A rape hoax broke them but when young black men for years where doing hard time, decades on false rape charges these same fed up ex democrats never said a word they were nowhere to be found. I mean first they came for the…  fuck it never mind.  Apparently to them they did their part, they showed up and “approved” of equal rights, because of them “allowing” it, civil rights and equality was passed and finished their work was done. Hell, they should be lauded as god damn fucking heroes! Never questioned, free pass given, no possible way in their mind that they could or should still be held accountable for any social inequality, I mean GOD DAMN they were DEMOCRATS FOR GOD SAKE! But now in their minds, white males no longer had any power, were the new minorities and had to find a party to look out for themselves.

I’ve seen version of men like this. I know men that are used to a certain amount of power detonate if even the slightest smallest amount of power is taken from them (perceived or real). Their minds just don’t know how to handle it. These are men that simply don’t know how to adapt because they’ve never had to adapt to societal changes. They believed they were safe, beyond all reproach as long as they called themselves “Democrat or Liberal”. In reality these men are fake. They’re the so called“male feminists” who get in the scene to pick up chicks and months later it comes out they’ve been date raping every chick in the group on the low low for months. I mean it’s a pretty smart move before the gig is up.  Now, has the progressive/liberal movement swung too far on some issue. ABSOULTELY! myself and other black men have felt the brunt of this. Within the feminist movement there have been MANY instances where white feminists have stepped over or overlooked the plight of black women. Where some black activist hasn’t considered or included gay or lesbian viewpoint on subject. The more progress is achieved the more perspective of different groups need to be taken into account. THAT IS THE CHALLENGE. Finding a good balance and best fit for the whole.

I once had a great conversation with Ed Latimore on why he thought that left was for weak minded people or was weak in general. My point of view was to call something weak you’d first have to define what real strength is, what real power is. I’m a black man, an immigrant and my life is good, really good. I’ve pulled myself up have a great job and at 36 in a big city I’m at that sweet spot in life. I have no problem in admitting that I’m privileged (it’s not only white guys that can be privileged… sorry). It wasn’t always that way my whole life but at this moment it is now. Once I realized that I was blessed more than say 75% of other “people” my thought wasn’t how can I stay here on top or keep my position in this sweet life. I don’t have that luxury. I’ve worked hard but I also realize I have this fighting chance because of other that came before me that stood up, spoke out and called those with more power out. Many black, white and all classes were beaten, imprisoned or gave their lives for me to even start out with a better chance than they had. Now that I made it I won’t look down at other still speaking out (even against me) and tell them to pull themselves up alone or believe America is so great now they have nothing to complain about. I will reach down and give them a hand. My thought became how can I help those who aren’t even where I am. I’m not thinking about just other middle class, college educated black men and women that haven’t made it to where I am. I’m talking about people that don’t look anything like me or have remotely the same background as myself that don’t have a voice. That trans kid that can’t even fucking go to a bathroom and feel safe, that single mom that needs help. The immigrant that just got here. Because at one point or another in my life I was them.  I do realize that I have power and a voice and to me it’s attempting to give them to those that have neither. That’s real strength, to me that’s being a Democrat. If that makes me a cuck in your eyes so be it, that’s the lightest cross in history to bear. Even when I still feel that the system is biased or crooked against me I’d never sellout and give up on my party. I would never betray my principles or turn my back on those who still need help. I would fight within my party to fix whatever I thought was broken.

So, it doesn’t surprise me that some guys decided to form their own party, going from “Democrat to Deplorable”, to focus more on themselves and bring attention to what they want or need. They never believed or shared liberal principles. They were shook. Weak men will do that. New right = alt right don’t believe in helping those in society that can’t stand up and help themselves. They’re not interested in bring more people to the table. Their only conviction is that they hate liberals that’s it. Look at what they went for; something new, cool, fringe punk rock. It’s all hype no filling. It’s an excuse for them to celebrate themselves. Some of these men are in their 40’s and refer to themselves as “ former lifelong Democrats”. It’s the equivalent of a midlife crisis. Waking up and realizing your mortality then freaking out and wanting to connect to youth in some pathetic way. Hence UVA college rape hoax pushed them over the edge. Freud wept.

Years after that San Diego trip what that girl said to me still stayed in my mind. Then a good friend of mine had a baby boy. After a few years, it was determined that the boy scored somewhere on the autistic spectrum. Slowly but surely enough I started catching myself and trying to phase out using the slang “retarded” in my speech. *


*(not perfect I still find myself slipping from time to time)

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  1. Terok March 1, 2017 at 12:30 pm

    the moment you realized that between the liberal democrats importing the 3rd world into your country to change the demographic base to their favor and the Republican Neocons who forced us to fight Israel’s wars you realize the Alt-Right has a fucking point.

    They’re what the conservatives should have been. To actually conserve a country and culture. Really don’t give a fuck if someone calls that “racist”.

  2. Splooge May 17, 2017 at 11:12 pm

    Try writing for rok to get your word out

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