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For the past couple of weeks I’ve had a chance to really prefect my Night Game Workshop and am proud to announce that my Wingman for hire Night Game Workshop is officially live. Going out [...]

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I know a guy who got a raise and upgrade at his job. With his new income he was now able to afford his own prime apartment in the heart of DC in a happening [...]

back so thick it casts shadows
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It’s been awhile since we’ve talked about building a better back. I like that post, but it was written for beginners and the clueless searching for answers. For dudes who have a good base and [...]


A Bad Year

September 5, 2014 | 3 Comments
Mighty Ducks
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Can you fucking see me!?! What? To continue with our Outlaw /Rebel Fashion series I thought I’d switch it up and throw a curve ball. A trend that I’ve noticed designers and name brands experimenting [...]


FDO: The Mr. Mayhem

October 2, 2014 | 3 Comments
Roasted Tomato and Chiptole Soup
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Winter has abruptly shown up here on the East Coast, and with the cold weather comes a change in what people want to cook and eat, especially at home.  Soup is the fare of the [...]


Pumpkin’ Drunkin’

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  I was having drinks with a female friend. A small athletic redhead. She’s a funny girl, holds no punches, loves to shoot guns and go to the range, something deeper to write about another [...]


Everything to Fear

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For many years my favorite and only cologne I wear at night has been Polo Black. To me the simple art of picking out cologne is to pick a scent that reminds you of you. [...]