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The thing they don’t tell you and the the thing that most people don’t know is that there are two sides to DC. Although a very small city within a few blocks you’re changing scenes from a hipster bar, to a club filled with European Models walk a few more blocks and it’s a college scene with sorority girl. You dress one way to any of them and you’ll get treated a certain way you dress better and different to the same place attitudes change. If you know what you like (Spanish, Asian, White, Hipster, coke whore, whatever) you can find it here in my city.  I was extremely glad to have one of the manosphere’s funniest satirist Bronan The Barbarian stay with me for a few days.  This was his second time in DC and his first time out wasn’t that pleasant, the girls were bitches, places were filled with guys and nobody seemed friendly enough to talk to. The second time he came out on my terms suited up, tie, pocket square, nice shoes. Suddenly the attitudes of the girls changed a little, velvet ropes opened up to VIP areas we shouldn’t have been in, girls broke their necks and compliments were given by both sexes (sometimes at the same place we went on his first visit). This is the story of his transformation and proof that when done right in just one weekend, keys open doors, a suited man makes the difference. 


Most guys dress like shit. I know this because I grew up in Colorado, land of cargo shorts, puffy Mountain Hardware vests and Birkenstock sandals. Now I live in Portland, OR where it’s considered “formal” when you aren’t dressed like a junkie or a hipster. It would take an act of Jeebus to pry most guys out of their herb uniforms and put them into a suit.

Last weekend I headed to Washington DC to hang out with Virgle Kent and attend Roosh’s forum meetup. I was pretty excited, but this presented a big problem – VK said I needed to bring a suit. I’ve never had a job where I was required to dress nicely and I’ve actively avoided formal events like weddings, junior high proms, funerals and Save The Children’s Lost Puppy Cancer Fund Benefit Dinners. That means I’ve never owned a suit and I was kind of freaked out about buying one.

A suit can be kind of a major purchase and I have the fashion sense of a drunken caveman. Luckily Tanner (who writes for both Masculine Style and Nexxt Level Up) is a good friend of mine. Tanner was kind enough to hook me up with one of his fashion consultations. I sent in a picture and some measurements, and Tanner gave me a comprehensive email with exactly what I need and suggestions on where to buy the suit. I printed it out and headed out to shop.

I hit a couple of different local suit makers in Portland, but going the custom route was too far out of my budget. I asked Tanner and VK where I should shop and both suggested that I check out Nordstroms. Nordstroms stores are located around the country and pretty easy to find. I walked into Nordstroms and located the most competent-looking sales guy. He asked me what I was looking for, so I mentioned my budget and color preferences and then handed him Tanner’s email outlining exactly the style of suit that I was looking for.

Unlike other corporate outlets that I’d visited (*cough* Men’s Warehouse *cough*), Nordstroms’ sales team was very low-pressure and professional. I was presented with several choices that met my requirements. I wound up with an awesome two-button, single-breasted jacket. Since I’m a pretty physically fit guy, I went with a slim/fitted suit – not too baggy and not too tight (ed note; A very nice Hugo Boss suit that was well worth the investment and left me feeling jealous) .

Tailoring was a very simple process. I chose a suit that fit well initially. The store has in-house tailors, who asked me a few simple questions about my preferences and took my measurements. Tailoring was free and took a week, which I felt was a pretty fast turnover. I returned to the store and purchased a nice shirt to go along with the suit. Tanner mentioned that I should try out a lavender shirt since I’m kind of a ginger. I’m used to dressing in black death metal shirts, so “lavender” was pretty far outside my comfort zone. However, when I tried it on with the new suit and immediately caught a cute girl’s eye, I decided to go with it.

I flew out to DC and suited up with VK on both Friday and Saturday night. You can read the full story here. The difference between rolling out in my usual outfit and dressing well was pretty amazing. Several of us rolled out to a college bar and were clearly the best dressed guys in the venue. Girls opened me several times asking why we were so dressed up. We made up a story that I’d just gotten out of a 10 year jail sentence for armed robbery and girls were eating it up. Guaranteed that I’d have been blown out by every girl that I talked to had I been using the same line dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. At one point VK handed a girl a camera and told her to take a picture of us. Five of her cute, attention-whoring friends dived into the picture with the dudes in the badass suits.

I’d recommend getting a suit to any guy who wants to up his fashion game. It’s quite a bit easier than you might think and owning a nice suit really is a game changer. Get in touch with VK or Tanner if you need a helpful kick in the ass to get you started.

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