How to Avoid Getting Basted

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If you’ve ever bought a new suit, blazer, or winter coat you’ve probably noticed some peculiarities once you get it home. The exterior pockets, vents, interior pockets, and even the lapels can all be sewn together.

All those different areas are sewn together with something called a basting thread. These are actually used throughout the entire garment and are critical to keeping it together and getting the proper placement and proportions while the clothing is made. Most of it is removed or hidden under more permanent stitching but the above-listed areas are left stitched together for shipping and storing reasons. It helps prevent pockets from opening and getting caught, vents from separating and wrinkling, and lapels from being folded and creased. It’s useful but it’s also only temporary.

One of the biggest rookie mistakes you can make is failing to remove the basting from your clothing. Day after day I see men who have vents sewn shut, or pants pockets are full because they can’t seem to get anything into their jacket pockets.

I can sympathize. All of this is actual thread and to the untrained man this can appear permanent. They believe it’s intentional that those threads are there (and it is) and that they shouldn’t be removed. Many also think jacket pockets or vents are merely decorative and it’s more stylish to keep them sewn closed. All of these assumptions are incorrect.

The primary purpose of traditional, stylish men’s clothing is to be functional. Vents give you more range of motion and pockets are for storing items. Remove the basting, look better, and enjoy the full functionality of the clothing you’ve purchased.

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  1. jeff February 14, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    I’ll just say that if you by your clothing from any true menswear shop, they should take care of all this for you. Only department store and the like would send a coat out with the pockets sewn closed or a vent tacked shut. buy small and you’ll be fine.

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