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Fall has started alongside with one of my favorite show’s Sons of Anarchy’s last season. This seems like the perfect time to talk about outlaw/rebel fashion and its iconic place in Alpha American men’s fashion seen. From Steve McQueen to Dean (all his movies) to James Dean in Rebel Without a cause and Marlon Brando in the Wild One (and now my own personal opinion Charlie Hunnam in Sons). There’s something about being a man being a rebel that captivates women and draws them in like a moth to a flame. The original anti-hero, the guy her parents warned her about and to stay away from. The guy she inevitably dates and sleeps with until she finds a beta to marry and settle down with. He’s moves outside the realm of normal society. He’s shady, rough around the edges, isn’t afraid to mix it up and get his hands dirty, doesn’t exactly earn straight or honest, has had run ins with law, and has the scars and tattoos to prove he’s about that life. These traits are in his bones. It’s the way they carry themselves that leaves an undeniable statement that THIS is what cool is.  Like in the movie Mystic River Whitey Powers says he can tell a guy’s been to prison because he carries it in his shoulders.

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That’s the difference between the masculine rebel and the posing hipster. Hipsters pretend to be about that life while rebels have actually lived that life. It’s not the fashion that makes the outlaw it’s the man, it’s his swagger and the way he moved in the cloths. People were rocking red Baracuta jackets before James Dean did it in Rebel but the way he wore it with such a devil may care attitude (that he lived by in real life) suddenly made the jacket look a little more sinister. But the outlaw life is one that’s hard to attain or yet live. It’s not the fashion that makes the outlaw it’s the man. If you have the right rebel attitude whatever you wear will leave an impression.

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That’s why the clothing and images above are ones that keep reappearing every few years or so in film, TV and men’s magazine covers. As a reminder of how iconic and loved the bad boy truly is. For the remainder of this week and part of next I plan on showing you some of my personal outfits that I feel would help most guys channel their own inner rebel. Drawing from inspiration from the past and pairing it with modern look of what I have in the closet. Some pieces will never die, the red jacket, the leather jacket, the denim. Some are new staples, camouflage anyone?

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Michael Bastian 2012 Fashion Show

















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Labouf yoinking the styzzzz










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Idris Elba GQ cover 2013

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  1. PeeTee October 1, 2014 at 5:02 pm

    Sonny Barger claims in his book the only way to becom e that type of man for real comes in steps:

    1)Join the Military straight out of High School and do a 4 year hitch, preferably in a war zone

    2)Get out of the Army and do something to end up in Prison for a few years.

    3)Get out of prison, you are a man or someone’s bitch.

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