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Although it’s snowing outside my window right now, we have officially crossed the threshold into spring.

Our favorite spring fashion here at NLU is what’s on the ladies – or more of what isn’t since they’re continually shedding more and more layers until we get to the holy grail of summer – the sun dress.

But we digress. This post is about how a man can stylishly embrace the changing weather and attitudes that accompany it. Spring is a time when clothing becomes more casual and colorful. We overcompensate a bit for the drudgery and formality of winter and allow ourselves to have the loudest clothing during this time of year. From a Game perspective, embracing the colors and materials of spring demonstrates a joy for life, an ability to not take oneself too seriously, and a confidence to step outside the world of conservative styles. All of which will be supporting frame structures for when you make that approach or try to close.

As we’ve mentioned and has been told by countless men and women before, one of the most important details in a man’s wardrobe is his shoes. They’re indicative of a few things including his attention to detail, how much care he takes of his possessions, his taste, and his overall congruence. And I don’t just mean a man’s dress shoes, his casual kicks say just as much about him as his oxfords.

One of the best shoes a stylish man can buy and wear during spring and summer is the suede buck. Characterized by a (typically) red brick sole and a suede upper, these were originally invented as tennis shoes. However, as technological advances soon made them obsolete on the course, they quickly moved off and became a warm-weather staple for the echelon of society who found themselves frequenting the tennis courts. Since then they’ve become an American staple in the same vein as seersucker, saddle shoes, straw hats, and mojitos. But this doesn’t mean you have to be a southern dandy to pull them off. Their popularity has been on the return for the last four or five years and their heritage means they’ll be around as a staple spring shoe for a long time coming.

One of the beauties of a buck is the variation in color. The safest, most conservative choices are chocolate or sandy suedes. Men are used to seeing brown shoes and these shades don’t push us too far out of our comfort zones. However, the more daring of us can embrace other variations like white, green, and the Elvis-embraced blue. The color can be used to tie in with everything else you’re wearing or as a statement piece to show you’re willing to take a social risk.

On top of the color versatility, a pair of bucks also has a large span in the formality spectrum. You can wear them with a pair of shorts and a polo, some chinos and a button-up for a High/Low look, or even with a more casual suit like one of linen or cotton. As long as you don’t try to wear them to a funeral or with your power suit, you’ll be able to use your bucks to dress up a casual outfit or dress down a stiffer one.

These used to be white

Suede has a lot of versatility and is prone to handle abuse better than your leather dress shoes. Regardless of what color you choose, embrace the fact that they will get dirty and worn. It adds character to your overall appearance and shows you’re a man who dresses well but still understands that clothing is a means to an end.

For ideas on where to buy, check out J Crew, Banana Republic, or use our link to find a pair on Amazon. Remember that, just like any other shoe, you want to avoid a shape that is either too round and bulky, or long and narrow. The ideal shape with be slim and round without being to fat or effete.

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  1. that guy March 26, 2013 at 6:56 pm

    I’ve been rocking some Johnston and Murphy suede shoes for a while now, you wouldn’t believe the complements I get haha. Suede shoes take alot of work to maintain though. Definitely worth it however.

  2. A Axe March 26, 2013 at 9:16 pm

    Am loving the blue shoe look, but can’t really match it up with a good high/low look (in my head). Got any suggestions?

  3. Tanner March 27, 2013 at 1:29 pm

    Try sockless, with a pair of khaki chinos, a white safari shirt, and a blue cotton sport coat.

    Or dark jeans, with a white T-shirt and letting the shoes be the High.

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