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Virgle Kent October 2, 2014 FDO, Style 3 Comments on FDO: The Mr. Mayhem

To start off my Outlaw Rebel Fashion series I wanted to start with a look/ style that was simple, all black everything. Now it’s easy to be cynical about dressing in all black like some goth kid in high school but the truth is that if done correctly, slimed down and with a purpose you can make this look less seem less bleak and more fashion focused. The thing about wearing all black is that if done right the look commands a certain air of attention while at the same time an air of mystery. Again the look isn’t sloppy like you were too lazy to put together a different outfit. It doesn’t matter the venue high end lounge to dive rocking a good murdered out- outfit can make any guy seem sinister. Besides if it was good enough for Cash it’s damn well good enough for you. Below are some of the looks again pulled from my closet to show you guys the different way to pull this look off. Also accompanying the picture will be wear you can find similar articles of clothing or the exact same store. Finally this isn’t about bragging but simply trying to point some guys getting started in stepping up their fashion game in the right direction. Also hopefully some guys will start being able to eyeball outfits and see around how much an outfit might run you. Shop around look for cheaper brands if you don’t have the loot.























This first look is straight forward and simple look. Black suit and black shirt. The key is to have the suit tailored and brought in so you don’t look like a doorman/ bouncer at a high end lounge. To really top it off add a black or red pocket square and good to go. This is an outfit I would wear if I was taking a date to a fancy dinner/drinks at a lounge or a club.

Suit: United Colors of Benneton $500

Shirt: Express $69

Shoes: Zara $100

Total Cost: $669.00






















First read Manny’s excellent post on Leather Jackets here. This is a more relaxed but still dressed up version of the first picture. The jacket is big on me because it’s a heavy winter jacket and worn usually when I bulk up for size. Also I’m not wearing dress pants but black Selvedge Jeans again read Manny’s post about getting into the Selvedge jean game. These jeans will have a post of their own in the future but I seriously think they are the best pair of jeans I’ve ever owned. Stay tuned. Link to store below

Jacket: H&M: $100 (from years ago)

Shirt: Express $69

Jeans: Left Field NYC Black Maria Greaser Jeans: $230

Shoes: Zara $100

Total: $499






















This is a relaxed fall back look you can wear that’s straight denim on denim. Pure murdered out. If you’re going hard west coast you’d button it all the way up to the top button but if you’re not about that life roll your sleeves up and ease into it. Id wear this out if I was taking a girl to play a game of pool or shoot the shit at a bar or walk around Georgetown during the day. Bonus women love shirts that have buttons that snap off for some reason… don’t ask. Link to the shirt below.

Shirt: All Saints Last season’s version of this shirt ; $160

Pants: Jeans: Left Field NYC Black Maria Greaser Jeans: $230

Shoes: Zara $100

Total: $490






















This another relaxed look you can go with. From a concert to a dive bar to wherever the fuck you want.

Jacket: All Saints Jasper Leather Jacket: $650

Shirt: FX store $30

Pants: Jeans: Left Field NYC Black Maria Greaser Jeans: $230

Shoes: Zara $100

Total $910

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  1. Ronin October 2, 2014 at 4:12 pm

    I often put on the whole black look with a black leather jacket, it does attract attention and just a hint of evil as far as the women are concerned.

  2. jdjdjd October 3, 2014 at 2:04 am

    When your posing for a camera for clothes, try not to look directly at the camera. Look away as if you noticed a hot chick across the sheet.

    Also lighting helps. Just put some lamps behind the camera. Have the lights pointing towards you, make sure they are not behind you. Backlit photos are hard to light properly.

    Also, you could of gotten a lot of that stuff for cheaper at Nordstrom rack.

    A lot of the poses that you see on the Nordstrom website are pretty good for clothes modeling in general.

    Also are you pulling your head in?

  3. Virgle Kent October 3, 2014 at 8:22 am


    Honestly thanks for the pointers. This is our first time pushing something like this so there will be a learning curve and I also had just one of my good friends taking the pic. So lots to learn on both ends.

    Also if you can find the stuff for cheap I highly recommend it by all means! Again I’m just trying to show the “look” but you really don’t need a lot of money to pull it off.

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