VK’s Favorites: The best summer / day time Cologne

For many years my favorite and only cologne I wear at night has been Polo Black. To me the simple art of picking out cologne is to pick a scent that reminds you of you. Polo Black is an extremely dark/sinister  scent and strong. It one of those colognes you never have to worry about the scent fading. Some might even say its powerful spicy scent could be overbearing but if you’ve ever been in a grimy DC lounge at night or ended up in a dance party somewhere more often than not you’ll be glad the scent of Polo Black on your skin has made it that long. This is all fine and good but during the hot summer months or day time outings/ work my Polo Black could become too powerful, the equivalent of bring a Nuclear bomb to a fist fight. I was on the prowl for something light, fresh smelling, but still strong enough to make an impression. My last criteria was to make sure it was a scent the was so different and unique that most guys wouldn’t be wearing it. The old statement is true that scent is the strongest sense tied to memory so I wanted a daytime cologne that would remind my dates of me and not some other bro the dated that wore Tommy Hilfiger or some other 7th grade shit.

Enter Comme des Garcons Amazingreen. First thing you should know is good luck trying to find it in stores to catch a sniff of this stuff. Shit is sold overseas son so you’ll have to order by mail. For me I have some of the company’s candles that I wrote about here and was very impressed by the smells the candles provided already so they earned my trust in experimenting with their cologne. Send thing is the price will kick you in the teeth but more on that later. What drew me to the cologne at first was simply reading the ingredients and seeing if the combination intrigued me.

“Notes: Top: Palm tree leaves, green pepper, dew mist, jungle leaves. Heart: Ivy leaves, orris roots, coriander seeds, silex. Base: Gunpowder accord, vetiver, smoke, white musk.”

So after searching for the cheapest bottle of this stuff I could find. I ordered it. Three weeks later I’m here to report the reward was well worth the risk and the price. The words I’d use to describe it is energizing, light, fresh and long lasting. It’s one of those cologne’s that lingers but doesn’t overpower which was perfect for what I was looking for in a daytime sent. It does start out with a dark almost earthy leafy smell that ends up lightning up and turning to an almost flowery smell as the hour and day pass. My first test was the office test. Here I found that female coworkers I flirted with tended to linger a little longer in my office or talk a little closer than usual. It was if they knew something was up but didn’t know how to wrap their brains around it. My second test was wearing it out on dates during the day time or early evening’s right after work. This were my best results. A girl I’ve been on a few dates accused me of smelling like I had just come from another date with another girl asking if I double booked because I smelled different almost feminine. First dates (after the nice to meet you hug) lingered by my neck and complimented. When they asked about it I easily turned it into the true story about the history of the company, how it’s based in Japan and had to wait a few weeks to get it. The best part about it is that I wasn’t worried about anyone else in the fucking city smelling like me.

So looking around on Amazon you can find a 50ml bottle for anywhere from $70 to $137 dollars. Again this shit is not cheap. But this is the price you pay to set your game apart and stand out in even the slightest way.



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    Have you tried Aventus…

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