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For the past couple of weeks I’ve had a chance to really prefect my Night Game Workshop and am proud to announce that my Wingman for hire Night Game Workshop is officially live. Going out with different readers in DC who’ve followed me here at NLU has given me the opportunity to Understand a lot of issues most guys have when approaching in different nighttime venue. If you ask anyone who’s spent one night going out in DC and approaching then you’ll realize that at its best approaching women here can be challenging and at its worst it can be downright frustrating. But the honest universal truth is that you have to keep going out and keep approaching women you find attractive to get any good at it. This is where having a good wingman can help you speed up the difference. Going out with someone well versed in game and that can also give you positive feedback on what you might or might not be doing correctly will only help you become stronger when approaching women at night time venues. Also having a wingman who can go in with you for moral support and who is able to talk to other girls in the group while you approach the one you want to talk to will only give you more confidence in the approach.

My experience, from being a bouncer to simply going out in DC I’ve been hitting the night time venues on the weekend since I was 18. I come with the confidence, physic and charisma that’s needed in dealing with the typical DC career woman. At this point it’s practically second nature to me as I feel I understand what most DC females are looking for, how they interact and more importantly where to find the type you like and who in turn my be attracted to you back. With me as your wingman I can give you a foot into the door and more than enough time you’ll need to open up, converse and hopefully spark an interest with the girl you want and if things go as plan number close. I can get you in that’s what part of my job will be that night.

Who’s my workshop for? This is for any guy who likes going at night and just lacks a good wingman who gets it and is willing to make the approach with them. Maybe you’re a normal guy who likes going out and have found that most of your friends are pairing off or getting married and you’re lacking a the wingman to help you out. You could be new to game or a hardcore practitioner and you need someone to give you feedback on what you may be doing wrong and how to improve your approach skills. Are you leaning in too much and can’t tell, are you asking too many questions, are you touching too early and often or not at all? Are you leading the conversation to a place she likes? Approaching and picking up women in DC becomes an intricate dance and I can help you work on your steps. This workshop is for anyone looking to get better with night game approaches and guys who need a wingman to do so. If you’re coming to DC on business or a vacation and you want a guy who can show you around and where the real spots are this would also be great for you.

How does it work? Simply email me directly at If you’d like to use my services then I’ll send you a quick questionnaire to fill out so I can determine what type of girls you like, where you like to hangout and the best place I think you might do well at based on your answers. We will then meet up earlier in the evening about 9:30 or 10 at quieter location for a one on one getting to know each other conversation and a game plan on how the night goes and what to expect. After a drink or two we will hit the town opening different sets and going after women you find attractive according to your personal taste. This isn’t one of those workshops where I make you do a million solo approaches until you tire out. I would be going in there with you and observing up close. My goal is for you to build up confidence in yourself and if we make four approaches or one hundred approaches. By the end of your night, I will find it successful if your last approach is better than your first. After the night within the next couple of days I will provide you with written feedback of what I observed and lessons learned.

What to really expect. I firm believer in realistic expectation so I won’t sit here and say after taking my workshop you’ll be able to approach “The hottest girl” in the club, bar, or lounge and be able to take her home that night to sleep with her. Anyone promising you such exaggerated results is full of it and just out to take your money. Those that I’ve seen do well are the guys who come with an open mind, willing to take in information honestly, have realistic expectation and want to approach while keeping a positive attitude and having fun. I want to genuinely help you out so there’s no need to try to turn the night into who can pull the hottest chick or get the most phone numbers competition. My night will be focused on you and what you’re doing right or wrong and how you can improve for your next approach.


The weather is amazing in DC right now and this is the best time of the year to approach and pick up women. If you’re interested in my skillset as your wingman the cost will be $150 for 9:30pm to 12:30am. I will take appointments through a simple e mail request and open for Thursday, Friday or Saturday nights. If there’s a one off night that you want to go check something out I’ll also be available for that as well. If all goes well and you’d like me to continue being your wingman for future dates the price will drop down to $100 for the same time period. Again e mail me directly with any questions again at

A review and more to come check back often

Review 1

I went out with VK on a Thursday night in DC (U St. area). In case you haven’t realized this from reading VK over the years, the man is fully into the game on a high level. His drive is phenomenal. That he is able to do this in DC, which is widely acknowledged as a difficult place for game, is a testament to his determination and skills.
VK can help you if you can honestly identify what your problem is. My problem is a relatively “simple” one. I have trouble approaching. After approaching, I can hold a conversation, built rapport, etc. I already have the value and life experience, so I do not need to fake any of that. Therefore I am never “gamey” in my interactions.
Having VK with you gives you several advantages:
1. The guy can scan the room and venue and quickly assess its suitability. If you don’t go out at night a lot, and I don’t, this is absolutely essential to avoid wasting time. He is very good at picking out groups that may be worthwhile approaching.
2. He will motivate you and keep you positive.
3. He will give you suggestions on what to say. He will force you to make the approach, sometimes just by starting walking to the targets. That’s all that was necessary for me.
4. He will talk to grenades so you can talk to the cutie. Real talk.
My time with VK taught me that approaching is actually not as hard as it seems. The approach really is no big deal. Even the initial thing you say is not so amazing, just keep talking about positive things and the girl will be ok. With VK with me I finally did something I have rarely ever been able to do: approach and talk to the girl that *I* picked out because I was the most attracted to her. At the end of the night we ended up talking to two blonde lawyers. The shit these girls threw at us was unreal, but, we were both laughing because we know the score. Their borderline insults absolutely had no effect on us. VK knew their friend, and she told us that they were actually single and looking for guys. You can’t make this shit up.
However, you owe it to yourself to honestly appraise yourself as to where you are and what you can realistically accomplish before VK can help you.

Definitely two thumbs up.

Review 2

Honestly,the idea of a going out with a “wingman for hire” I was a bit unsure of. I’m 28 and took my red pill a few years ago, the reason I decided to give this is a shot is the guys I used to run the town with at nights are all in a LTR or just given up the night life for whatever reason. I wasn’t sure someone I had never met would mesh with my style of approaching and using night game. All of the doubts were quickly squashed, once VK and I got to work it felt like I was having a good night out with a old friend.
We met up at a spot in Georgetown (DC) that VK picked out at 10pm. After making making some conversation and having a drink we decided to check out the upstairs patio. Wasn’t a whole lot to approach and most people were in groups or on dates it looked like. VK recommend another spot near by so we went there and checked it out. Shortly after getting to the new venue we both decided it was time to approach. I decided to take the lead and open two girls and VK jumped right in to make sure things flowed smoothly on the other girl. The bf of one of the girls showed up and VK, being the good wing, distracted him while I talked to the girls. We just used them as a warm up approach and through out the night approached multiple sets. With my solid wing I felt confident opening and approaching any girl I felt like talking to. This new spot he picked out was hot that night, the ratio there was very good. We continued to open multiple girls and VK was introducing girls to me as well. After finding the girl I wanted for the night he knew when to drop back and let me do my thing also. Overall, it was a great night. The only thing someone going out with VK as their wing really has to do is show up with a positive attitude and be ready to approach and he’ll put the pieces together for you.
Feedback on the infield advice given.
The feedback I received:
– Being too physical (hugs) too soon is bad, causes the girl to tense up.
– Talking about topics I know a lot about (beer/neuroscience/etc) are good in set.
– I wasn’t approaching enough because of “buts”

Roosh’s endorsement

 “I can safely say that my notch count is higher because of the years I spent going out with Virgle Kent in Washington DC. The more I roll solo in Europe, the more I realize that having a good wingman is key to closing the deal when picking up at night. Without one, many prospects will fall through your fingers as bored friends decide to cockblock and pull away the girl you’re working on. I’ve had to depend more on day game lately in part because I don’t have a Virgle Kent in Europe.

DC is already a tough city, so you do yourself a disservice by not hanging out with a guy who not only understands the city, but also the women. I can’t think of anyone more qualified to help you get laid in DC than Virgle Kent.”

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Been in the game since 2005 and still learning everyday. But now I feel comfortable giving back and sharing wisdom with guys looking to improve one or two things in their lives that could increase their self confidence and the chance of having a favorable outcome in any romantic interaction with women. When you step to her you know you've already put in that work on your end. Nothing is left to chance.