Rinse and Repeat

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She texted that she would stop by later after work. His dick got instantly hard. It’s amazing how when you’ve been away from old pussy long enough that when you get it again it’s technically new, or at least it feels new. It was funny running into her two weeks before on a Saturday night while being out with a student taking his wingman workshop. He would later run into another girl he had a few nights stand with that used to be a Georgetown student but had graduated and moved to the burbs. He felt like DC was so small that if you wait long enough you’ll eventually runt into every woman you’ve ever put your penis in. Sort of like that Chinese proverb about waiting patiently by the river and watching the bodies of your enemies float by.

He saw her tattooed shoulder walk by while they were on the first floor. She went up the stairs to the rooftop. He followed shortly and soon bumped into her. On the surface she was not too pleased to see him. She looked older and slightly off. Her outfit was still Euro chic, the hair still bright dyed red, and the plastic fake arm you’d have to know was there to look for. She was out with her brother who was visiting from Italy and another girlfriend celebrating her birthday. The vibe was ice cold as it should be. He just dropped out of her life, stopped calling or texting. The Nigerian boy gave the Italian girl the Irish goodbye. He had a paying client to get back to so he told her he’d see her on the round back and casually stepped away thinking nothing of it. He and his client would switch to another bar and about an hour later she texted asking where he was and that she had ten minutes of talk time left on her phone.

A week later he would move into the heart of DC into his new spacious one bedroom apartment in a luxury building that stood on the edge of a quickly gentrifying area of the city. When he told girls about the location and the fact that he lived by himself there was a noticeable twinkle in their eyes and slight smile they tried to hide. The apartment had no furniture as of yet except for a brand new memory foam mattress that just arrived, sheets, and a few old pillows set up in the bedroom. The bedframe and other high end furniture would be coming over the next few months in pieces. The building was so new he was the first person to live in his apartment. New GE appliances, granite countertop, new washer and dryer in the unit, clean. A large open window that took up the space of one wall facing out into the city giving an incredible view. On the window sill there was a small plant that another girl brought him as a housewarming present. He was on the top floor, doors away from the rooftop with the grand view. There was a beauty and simplicity in the emptiness of it all at the possibility of what could be.

She texted that she parked and he came down to meet her out front. She was wearing a black thin cotton dress with a gold belt around the waist, red pumps that matched a red leather bag. The dress was thin enough and showed dramatic cleavage and the rest of her curves. She kissed him on both cheeks and gave him a big hug a complete 180 from two weeks before. He signed her in and gave her a quick tour of the ground floor and the amenities. Girls love that shit.

Once they entered the apartment her eyes got big. Frank Ocean was playing off his computer. He poured her a glass of cheap red and they walked around it as he talked about what he envisioned the place would look like once everything arrived. She tried to hide it but she was impressed by it a little. The window blinds where completely open letting the moonlight in. They drank wine and got caught up on each other’s lives. She never brought up his Houdini disappearing act as he’s never asked what happened to her missing limb, it is what it is. But she started a new job directly related to the masters she got in design or something. She moved to a new share house and has three other roommates that are all international and that she gets along with.

There was something sadder about her than he remembered. At 31 it was as if she had given up hope and realized there was a point that something had passed her in her life. She talked about how she’s gained a little wait since starting this new job and eating chipotle for lunch all the time. She carried the extra weight well though all in her chest and her ass like a real Italian. Part of him kind of wished he never invited her over but she was there now. She walked over to the large window, cracked it open and asked if she could smoke. He gave her a plastic cup with water in it. He always liked watching her smoke by the window bathed in moonlight (in fact he liked watching all women smoke in moonlight). He sat on one of the wooden stools he bought from Walmart, watching her stick her ass out and blow smoke out the window.

She finished her cigarette and put it out as if she made up her mind. She knew what she came here to do. She walked straight towards him and started kissing him passionately. He kissed her back and picked her up with one arm placing her on the granite countertop. He pulled out the condom from his sweats as she pushed his pants to the floor with her legs. He pulled her red panties to the side, with her good hand she pulled the top part of her dress over exposing a red bra covering her breast. In the empty room and the window blinds open they fucked. She would kiss him and tell him how much she missed him how much she missed “this” then she’d say something in Italian. She made him stop and got off the counter top, got out of her dress and let it fall to the floor. She walked over to the window and bent over in front of it. She wanted to be fucked from behind and seen. He obliged.

They eventually drank more wine and had a few more rounds on his new mattress. When they were spent she got up and put her dress back on. He was always impressed watching a woman with one arm put her clothes on. Ritual.  She had to be at work early. She kissed him hard and told him not to be a stranger. She came for something not closure, maybe old dick is new dick as well. In the upcoming weeks when he texted her the night before she’d stop by for more. He knew they didn’t have a future together, but they had this. Sit by the river long enough.


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