Paid: Those Girls

Virgle Kent March 19, 2013 Game 4 Comments on Paid: Those Girls










Sometimes it’s not about the girl you want it’s about the girl you ended up with, second place. The type of girl where she’s out of your league and she knows it, and that’s ok with her. The night I met her I was with another girl first. The first girl was into me, texted me to meet her out, said she had some friends for my friends. Once there things had changed, her friends had dropped off, she was drunker than usual. There was one girl who stayed behind to cock block and make sure the two of them would be leaving together. The blonde took her home that night, I’d soon cut her off totally a few days later.


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Been in the game since 2005 and still learning everyday. But now I feel comfortable giving back and sharing wisdom with guys looking to improve one or two things in their lives that could increase their self confidence and the chance of having a favorable outcome in any romantic interaction with women. When you step to her you know you've already put in that work on your end. Nothing is left to chance.