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Moving without the ball is a basketball term used to describe when a player on offense runs around, sometimes off set screens and eventually frees himself up to take a shot. The Duke Blue Devils and more specifically JJ Redick was probably one of the greatest college  basketball players I’ve ever seen move without the ball. This is easily one of the most important offensive moves a player can learn to get baskets and become an effective scorer. Most players spend their time concentrating on the dribbling, driving to the basket, low post footwork but if you’re a guard and you can’t get yourself open then all those moves you have when you get the ball won’t matter. If you ever watched JJ in a game and weren’t paying close attention all you would see is him catching the ball and shooting a three in one fluid motion. What you missed was him running back and forth on the baseline, curling off set screens , and losing his defender in all the confusion.

I want you to keep that in mind when it comes to game. When you’re speaking to a woman, the ball is in your hands, you’re driving the conversation, saying all the right things to get back to her place or bring her back to yours to score. But during the whole interactions sometimes she talk (of course, duh) maybe you’re part of a group with her friends there, maybe there’s another guy trying to hit on her as well, whatever the case, when you don’t have any control that’s when you’re moving without the ball. A few “game denial” websites read this post I put up about going out when I was in the mood that lead to me hooking up that night. They point to the fact that the girl was already attracted to me from the jump therefore proving game doesn’t exist. They’ve also pointed to some of Tyler’s posts and claimed because of good looks, game doesn’t work.

I would now like you to take a moment and read this post from Jezebel.

This is the classic tale of how being good looking doesn’t guarantee you getting sex. This is what people who deny game fail to understand just showing up with good looks may get your foot in the door but there are still a million ways to blow it. Attempting to be funny, cool or edgy, sometimes just opening your mouth will do more harm than good. Between the girls version and how I hooked up the similarities were there seemed to be an attraction between both people. After reading the whole story men who know anything about game can see where mistakes were made.

First off there was a week long shoot and besides flirtatious glances and small talk there was no serious building of comfort, no connection made. Even at the last night when all this went down and they were at the same party, the author doesn’t mention them spending part or a huge chunk of the party getting to know each other and escalating. She just skips to the end where dude jumps in a cab with her because they’re going in the same direction. Now go back to my post, I spend my whole time in the second spot getting to know my girl before leaving with her. This is the part of the game when the ball is in your court. This is where you tell your inappropriate lesbian jokes, and hint at going back to her place to hook up. This is where you find out if she’s really into you enough to hook up with you. If  she wasn’t feeling your jokes you could have fumble recovered or moved on to a girl that does, again this is supposedly an attractive actor.

As the story goes on though and Mr. Attractive is invited up all of the sudden now he wants the rock and want’s to spit his “real game” to get laid. He gets too comfortable and ends up completely blowing it. The author writes how she was repulsed in just five minutes. Again compared with my night I write very little of still getting to know her or me saying anything interesting or smooth  or incredibly funny once she decided to go back to my place. Why? Because the work was done, I had the ball and passed it to her and continued to move without the ball. This is the time gentlemen where you make small talk, saying just enough for it to not get awkward but not too much for her to over think  anything and change her mind. This is the point where you just buy time until you’re actually having sex. The less is more time. You pull back, you relax (but not too much), you let the anticipation build. Maybe you’re holding her hand, maybe you’re stroking her forearm, in the cab maybe your knees are touching. Everything becomes implied but not said. You do all the work upfront, in the beginning so that in the end it’s just coasting.

So to all the people who deny game works out there. The guys that think being attractive or instant attraction between two people is all it takes. Let this be a reminder to you that even though it looks like nothing is going on, and no game is being played, the true player makes it looks effortless, moves without the ball, but for some reason ends up wide open shot hitting the game winning shot. Now how many times do you think that players run that one play for a game winning shot scenario over and over again? Remember knowing what not to say is sometimes more valuable than all the pick up lines and game you can remember

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Been in the game since 2005 and still learning everyday. But now I feel comfortable giving back and sharing wisdom with guys looking to improve one or two things in their lives that could increase their self confidence and the chance of having a favorable outcome in any romantic interaction with women. When you step to her you know you've already put in that work on your end. Nothing is left to chance.


  1. AudioRebellion February 4, 2013 at 4:09 pm

    This is a very good point to make. Sometimes it’s just basic fuck up avoidance game.
    The guys that pretend that game doesn’t work will never understand that making yourself an attractive person in the 1st place will negate the need for fancy bullshit aka “over gaming”.

    • Raniel March 2, 2013 at 11:20 pm

      that using subtle DHV’s with some retrualigy was helpful. He had a whole list of tips on this matter (game during marriage) in an article he wrote on Welmer’s, “The-Spearhead” online magazine ( It was a good article. AE, My whole take on this issue, and I have a uniquely good perspective on it (Ive counted 17 different professional aquaintances/friends who have been divorced because their wives were cheating or left them for someone else, and in a few of these cases I got to be the aquaintance the man would discuss the breakup with the most), is this: our laws have incintivized the behavior by women from many angles. Number 1: Women are vouched for financially by our civilization. How many homeless women are there? They have shelters, the state’s compassion, Sec 8 and HUD housing, child support, WIC, Food Stamps, AFDC payments, YWCA, etc. All women have to do is to get pregnant and drop a kid on this civilization and the state will take care of her. She knows this in the back of her mind, she knows she is “vouched for” by the state ultimately and will never go hungry or be without a roof, especially if good looking.2) Child support and custody are almost always given to the woman, no matter what. She can leave you at any time, take your kids, and with a few false accusations (that she will never be prosecuted for), pretty much wreck your hard-earned reputation. In many states asset division will give her much of your wealth, and alimony will give her even more of it over the years. Women, in the back of their minds as these factors have been discussed by her with her friends, know -in their bones- that theyve got you by the short hairs once you put a ring on their finger. This leads to a severely entitled mentality on their part, and it changes their outlook in a subtle, yet undeniable way. Just imagine (if you dare) if we were like Sweden, and mandated joint custody in alost all divorce cases with no child support from either party, and (unlike the Swedes) there was no alimony for women under 45 years of age (still young enough to go get a good job, or study for a career), and she didn’t get a bite of your 401K or IRA upon a divorce that she initiated until SHE was over 65, and there were no “women’s shelters” and guaranteed housing if she could just drop a kid on the host society. Think women would be treating their husbands coldly? Im inclined to think they wouldn’t be, especially if they knew that they’d really might be moving down in life (Hello Trailer Park, and your new neighbors darlin’, like that waitressin’ job?). Im inclined to believe they’d be quite different toward their husbands if these things were so.

  2. Lucky Lothario February 4, 2013 at 6:25 pm

    Ha, damn straight. At the end of the night, the game is won before you leave. If it’s not on on the walk to hers, then there’s too much time for her too talk herself into being a good girl and ‘maybe I should hold off so we can have a proper relationship’ type thinking and not ‘damn this guys hot, the music is sexy and i don’t care if this makes me a slut’ type thinking that gets built up.

    Like the old idea of buying temperature, you can heat her up in the warmth of the club and the game is to slow down the cooling.

  3. Western Cancer February 6, 2013 at 9:47 pm

    I looked at that jezebel article. I couldn’t even comprehend the comments. One of the first ones was “It’s utterly pathetic of me, but I’m so non-confrontational I’d probably just hook up with a guy just to avoid the awkwardness of making him leave. Barring extreme circumstances, I just don’t know if I’d have it in me. ”

    All of their methods for getting a guy out of their place involve subtly hinting for him to leave or “body language” they don’t understand that a dude who’s seeing pink (imminent pussy pounding) or one with bad game/social skills won’t be able to pick up on this. Just tell the guy to leave or get up and leave from his place. Well according to them they would never do that because he will get angry and rape them (about 2 comments mentioned actually telling them to leave).

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