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Virgle Kent April 16, 2015 Game 6 Comments on Man seeking woman

We sold you a bill of goods. The truth is that once you learn game … all pussy is the same. From LA to Poland to Tokyo to Brazil. Pussy is pussy. Sure you can move to an environment that holds more of the type of women you find attractive or an environment that’s more open and receptive to men with your looks and game style. But once you’ve mastered game, understand attraction. all pussy is the same. If you like the same type of body type in women and you close your eyes, fucking a skinny polish girl and fucking a skinny Japanese girl will be the same. Think of it like this even if your game was so strong and powerful, you had all the money in the world, and EVERY 10 in the world wanted to bang you. You couldn’t physically do it. The closest thing you can get is new pussy. Every new girl comes with a certain amount of fucks before the newness fades and the sex act becomes a mundane routine of getting each other off.


Game tricks and traps you. It leads you to believe that each new notch will lead to some type of exalted state of happiness. If you have the power to pull a new girl why stay with the girl you’re with. It transforms most men. At first just getting the notch and one night stand is the greatest feeling on the planet. Until you realize that as soon as you bust you actually have no interest in the girl, you’re already annoyed with her because you never put any real emotional stake into getting to know her. But the better you get at game the less focus you have on just the sex. You start going after a specific type of girl that fits into a category. Like a serial killer who enjoys every moment up until the kill. The stalking of his victim and getting to know their daily routines. Being in the same house as them without them knowing you’re there. They’re in the living room and he’s in the kitchen looking through the fridge. They’re in the basement and he’s upstairs in their bedroom looking through their laundry. They’re in bed sleeping and he’s under it listening to them breath. It’s this moment that turns him on more than the actual kill because he knows once it’s done he’ll have to start all over again, find another one, start the cycle.

You have ask yourself what type of woman will truly satisfy you. If I’m being honest I love the whole seduction process. I respect it as an art form. I love tipsy conversation at a bar when I pull a phone number. I’m not too worried about getting a one night stand because I know as soon as I hit if it’s too soon, I lose interest. I need to draw it out. I like running text game and for a couple of days showing off my witty banter skills. I want to setup that first date where we meet for drinks and some food at my favorite bar or if I’m in the mood, dinner. The whole thing is seduction, the way I dress, the sexual jokes I tell, the drinks I order, leading from one location to another. Chess moves. She 27 and up, not some naïve college girl. She knows what I want but this is an audition to see if I’m man enough to get it. I’m patient with the evening not even really pushing for it because to me it’s already a foregone conclusion. I know what the reward will be for showing her a good time, asking interesting questions, making fun of her, listening to her stories and going deeper. Taking her to this Russian spot that she’s walks pass everyday but didn’t even know was there.

What am I looking for? I’m 34 and like I said all pussy is the same. I want a woman that fits. Someone who looks good walking around naked or in my t shirt in my new apartment. It all fits. We have staycations where she comes over on Friday night and doesn’t leave till Monday morning and I don’t get annoyed she’s there. Friday night I start cooking as she walks through the door with her bugout bag for the weekend. She takes off her shoes and I’ve already opened up a bottle of red. I’ve got a Nick cave record playing and the smell of the pasta sauce is in the air. She decompresses and tells me about her week as I tend to the different pots boiling on the stove. She comes over and kisses me because she forgot to do so on her way in. We sit down for dinner and I let her pick the next record. We share stories because we have nowhere to be. After dinner we binge a few episodes of Orphan Black. Food is digested we fool around on the couch and fuck right there, no time to make it to my bedroom. It’s a nice Saturday afternoon, we’ve fucked all morning, let’s throw on some sunglasses and brunch somewhere close. Walkout hand in hand looking like sex zombies of the apocalypse. Get drunk off of bottomless whatever. Go back to my place fuck some more. Take a long nap wake up and order take out. Eat and fuck some more. Sunday we wake up late as hell. She cooks, I’m watching all the political shows, we both check work e mail. Watch a movie on torent. Soon it’s time for Game of Thrones and Mad Men. More sex throughout. Monday comes and she gone.

I understand it’s not exciting that it’s downright boring. When I read it back it’s a relationship based on sex, drinking, food, philosophical conversations and tv. But there’s a weird connection in that no big deal relationship that turns me on, that makes me hard as a rock when I’m inside of a woman. There’s a calm in pure satisfaction and knowing that yes somewhere I could find a younger, hotter tighter, smarter, richer woman. But in this moment in this world me and her have created I’m actually satisfied. That we’ve gone past the point of new fucking and the regular fucking does it for me. Besides the other things turn me on now. Her walking around in my clothes. That scar on her knee from a surgery. The new slight minor stretch marks on the lower part of her ass. She’s not perfect but I’m ok with it now because we’re both so comfortable. This is what turns me on.

She can’t be too young because the too young ones still believe in fairy tales and think they have forever. She’s 27 and up. Understand time is not on her side. Past worried about being the hottest girl in the club or how popular on a certain scene she is. More worried about the company she’s with than impressing anyone. Sophisticated, charming and humble. She’s got battle scars and been heartbroken before so now she’s really ready to appreciate a good thing when it comes through.

At least this is what I tell myself when I don’t have it. The new game is to get it and see if it will be enough. To have that and then see the attractive girl checking me out on the treadmill and not have to game her because I’m satisfied.


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Been in the game since 2005 and still learning everyday. But now I feel comfortable giving back and sharing wisdom with guys looking to improve one or two things in their lives that could increase their self confidence and the chance of having a favorable outcome in any romantic interaction with women. When you step to her you know you've already put in that work on your end. Nothing is left to chance.


  1. cheesetrader April 16, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    Yes – this

    Very good post

    May you find what you seek – and may it exceed your dreams

  2. Matt April 16, 2015 at 3:17 pm

    I’m a lot older than you and what I’m looking for is someone to have a family with. Someone who will help build a wonderful home environment and help raise a bunch of kids. Obviously that isn’t going to happen in America.

    It’s a tough challenge.

  3. connor April 16, 2015 at 10:43 pm

    Great post – I didn’t know you had it in you.

  4. Lee April 17, 2015 at 6:34 am

    Interest post VK. It’s easy to get caught up in the notch chasing especially in the early years of Game or when a dude is in his 20’s. Nothing wrong with that but eventually a man realizes new pussy doesn’t make him happy…and there’s other ways to grow within a relationship…some might call reaching that stage maturity.

  5. kevm3 April 23, 2015 at 4:10 am

    That’s ultimately the downfall of a lot of how ‘game’ is expressed. It largely disregards who a woman is and reduces her to a biological fleshlight. Her, as a person, is reduced to a gatekeeper who is blocking you from getting your rocks off. That lack of human connection eventually will get depressing when you realize that there is nothing gained from all of this gaming other than a memory. That woman you banged and ditched is in the rearview mirror of your life and no, she doesn’t care for you and you don’t care for her. You were merely two people using each other to release urges. What does one ultimately gain from a life of those sorts of encounters? Most men actually would love to enjoy the company of a woman who cares for him, but unfortunately, we are in a time where most women are swinging from guy to guy and men are swinging from woman to woman, so ultimately, no one wants to get attached to each other, which robs all of us from making a deeper connection with another person. There is no enlightenment that will come from the tip of your lower head. Pornstars have virtually unlimited sex and yet they end up being depressed more times than not.

  6. StuartScott May 18, 2015 at 9:49 pm

    From what I’ve seen, the 27 and ups have been heartbroken and run through so much and are so damaged that when they see a good thing, they end up sabotaging it with their baggage. They end up being short trips. I’ve had less issues dating younger girls who weren’t THOTS in training. They’re harder to find these days though

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