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“You treat a lady like a dame, and a dame like a lady” Sinatra in Pal Joey

I remember hearing that quote once and not understanding what it meant. When I was young, fresh out of college I went out on a Thursday night dolo to a bar/ club in Arlington. I met this red head who was wearing these black leather pants with zippers all over them. I remember thinking to myself how fucking retarded those pants looked. The woman checked me out for a little bit making it obvious and when I talked to her she let me know she was British, thus explaining the reason behind her poor fashion choice. Her accent was sexy and she said she knew me from somewhere and we finally figured out we worked out at the same gym. One thing lead to another and she came back to my place that night. Of course as with anything else involving me shit was complicated, she was married getting a separation and had a kid. I’d soon invite her over to my crappy apartment where I slept on an air mattress. I was 23 and she was 28. I remember when she came over she had her hair braided like the Wendy’s girl and was wearing this jean dress number. She brought some drinks (Zima?) and we were supposed to watch a movie in my room. I put on the movie and less than 30 seconds in I pounced on her. She gently pushed me away and told me,

“At least pretend you invited me over here for more than just sex”

I was confused; the first night we met she came back to my place to bang. All the txting and flirting at the gym after that suggested she would be coming over for sex. Why now is she pretending she didn’t want to have sex or get straight to the sex part? I was 23 and didn’t know anything about building up the suspense and attraction levels that comes before the sex.

(This video is NSFW!!!!)

Robin Thicke ‘Blurred Lines’ (Dirty Version) from OB MANAGEMENT on Vimeo.

Fast forward to four years ago, there was this sexy new Penn State grad that joined my gym. She was tall, brunette, had a phat ass, nice tiggs and looked really good with little to no makeup on. We’d smile at each other from time to time but I never made the move. Eventually one of my boys talked to her and started partying with her hardcore. Come to find out she was a freak. He hit and some of his other friends hit. Eventually she let him know that she thought I was cute. Somehow she got my number from him and we agreed to meet up. Now by this point I’d heard all the freaky deaky stories, from more than one person that beat. According to everyone it should have been a layup. If you heard them tell it, all I had to do was show up and she’d fall to her knees, suck me off, then bend over and beg me to put in her ass.

The date came, I picked her up at her house and we went to a sports bar close by for some drinks. I could barely contain my boner on the date and was hardly there mentally. I just nodded and agreed through rounds of beer hoping she was drunk enough. I wasn’t really excited in getting to know her or talking with her, I just wanted to beat. We got the tab and I took her back to her place. I asked her if I could come up and hangout. She reluctantly said ok. Once there and she opened a beer for the both of us, we exchanged a few words and I pounced. She wasn’t having any of it. I’ve gotten a lot of the “shit test” no’s in my life but she was for real not playing around “NO”. I was pissed! Word on the street is this chick bangs anything that walks and she’s rejecting me?!? Obviously my ego was bruised to say the least but I honestly could not comprehend what went wrong. I heard she likes to get drunk and bang. That didn’t happen.

“You treat a lady like a dame, and a dame like a lady”

Writing it out its obvious where I had made a mistake. Often times us guys here from other guys that a girl is easy, a slut, a sure thing and reflexively we think we don’t need to game her, we don’t need to bring our A game. All we have to do is just show up and because she’s banged other guys or likes sex then she’ll automatically want to have sex with us.  We never think about the situation that sex happens say she’s out at a club or a party with a bunch of people drinking then she hooks up with someone versus she’s on a one on one date with a guy. Even if she’s a slut she may actually act differently if she likes the guy vs she gets drunk and just wants a one night stand with someone. But then think about how we treat the ladies, the new girls we meet that we don’t know anything about. That girl who’s number you got you have no clue how many notches she’s given out, if she’s a whore or not or if she banged the whole football team in college. You don’t know anything about her. But yet you’re going to take her out on a date and give her your best game, your A game. You’ll actually approach the date like a championship match and not a jv scrimmage as you would if you knew she was a hood rat.

Now think about how you treat the well-known good girls. How you’re naturally willing to wait a little longer before you get them in bed, how you’ll put up with a little more than you’re used to. Then eventually you get tired of it and realize it’s not getting you any closer to the notch. But when you flip the script, treat that good girl like any other girl, neg her, have her chasing you and wondering why you don’t treat her like most guys do, all of sudden she’s giving it up no problem. That is you treating the lady like a dame. Now back in Sinatra’s day a “Dame” was slang for a skirt, broad, bird, hood rat. Just the around the way girl you might keep as a side piece.

This was probably one of the hardest lessons and the one that took the longest to learn when I entered game. That sure this woman is a whore, I know, the waiter knows it, the bartender knows it, shit even Stevie Wonder can see it. But to her she likes to fuck and has no problem doing it whenever she wants. Eventually she’ll realize (sooner rather than later) that the guys she meets just want to bang her. Every guy just wants to fuck her. Nobody cares about her beyond fucking. The thing about all women ladies and dames is that they all believe they deserve to be romanced. No matter how many men she’s slept with no matter how many cocks have been in her mouth every woman believes she deserves to be swept off her feet, she deserves to be seduced. Don’t try to argue with this; don’t try to make any logical sense out of this. You could have seen her sex tape getting DPed by an armless midget and a donkey. But swear to God that chick wants you to take her out to dinner, pull out her chair, have a great conversation, pay for everything… you know like you didn’t see her get DPed by an armless midget and a donkey. This is the first step that makes it impossible for normal guys to date porn stars, strippers or models. If a girl is whore or in an industry that based exclusively on her sexuality then the normal guy won’t be able to see past hat sexuality or her whorish ways. But the truth is if she has a vagina then she wants the illusion of romance. What makes it even harder is if she’s a real slut, she can sniff out and tell faster sometimes within minutes if you just want to use her for the bang and nothing else. That’s why with these dames you must bring the A game. You must game her as if your life depended on it. You game must be tight and flawless. The more you want to bang her the more you need to make it look like you don’t want to bang her.

Over the past four years a lot happened with the Penn State girl. We had stopped talking after our awful date. She got married and left the country and was soon divorced and back. She moved to LA for a while and after that found her way back to DC. I had kept tabs on her through social media. To me she represented a big failure in my game record. How I blew a layup because I didn’t know as much game as I thought I did. In Vegas, hung over I texted her. She thought I had a girlfriend (this was good because it meant she was stalking me back on FB) I assured her I didn’t and that had been over for some time. A few weeks later I texted her on a random Sunday night, she was asleep but texted me in the morning when she woke up. I apologized for texting so late and asked her to let me make it up to her by taking her to dinner. We confirmed plans later on that week. When she dropped her first shit test via txt, peep game below

Her: We are still good for (redacted) although I did want to make sure there were no specific expectations…. And I just want to let you know that I’m not really looking for a hookup buddy. Sorry to be so blunt and out there- I just figured it’s better to be honest about where I stand right now

Me: Wait, people take hook up buddies out to dinner and drinks? Fuck I’ve been doing this wrong the whole time! I was looking for a good old fashion date, the only thing I was expecting was for you to look pretty, laugh at my lame jokes and don’t eat my share of the dragon roll. As far as hooking up young lady, you’d have to earn that I’m no floozy!

Her: ha ha ha ha ha!!!! I forgot to tell you that when I do wanna hookup I don’t like hard to get 😛 ha ha JJ Actually kinda not ha ha

Me: Damn woman you’re so confusing. Fine I’ll be a perfect gentleman, but I’ll keep the paddle and the handcuffs in the glove compartment just in case…  all bridges will be crossed when or if we get there.

Her: LOL!!!!! LOllll Paddle and handcuffs. Where we going btw, so I know how to dress?

The first shit test wave was passed; I was focused like a razor. I felt my game was on Super Saiyan God level. I meditated and visualized exactly how the date would go. I rehearsed conversations in my head. Finally the night came, I was ready, and that date turned out to be one of the craziest, freakiest  best first dates of my life.

The date post will be part 2 a paid post. And if you have signed up for the membership yet, I highly suggest you become a member. What happens next will make your monitors explode.

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  1. Revo Luzione April 17, 2013 at 5:46 pm

    Great story, and that txt game is some tight shit right there, as if you had transcribed some of Kasparov’s chess moves into txt-speak. Well played, VK.

  2. Johnny Caustic April 17, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    Really good post.

    Hilarious how this girl turns on a dime. “I did want to make sure there were no specific expectations”…”I forgot to tell you that when I do wanna hookup I don’t like hard to get.” With this girl, you gotta simultaneously avoid making her feel like a slut and avoid making her feel like you’re not a slut. Little wonder so many guys screw it up.

  3. Red Pill Theory April 18, 2013 at 6:20 pm

    Right on. If you’ve hooked, even if she’s average, don’t waste the opportunity.

  4. dz April 19, 2013 at 1:50 pm

    I like this post, but I don’t see it as illogical for a girl who’s slept with a lot of guys to want and expect love. No one gets enough love, not even Jay-Z 🙂

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