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Following up on GLDG: The Intimidation Factor, a reader asks:

Hey man,

Just a couple more questions (I am revisiting your email from last year because I’m coming up against some resistance from women):

1. As you wrote, women who are below an 8 are generally quite shy around me; how should I get around this and allow them to open up to me?

2. Should I focus on chatting to 8s and above, as they may be more receptive to my approaching them as a Good-Looking Dude?

3. What was the one thing that helped you progress from beginner level to getting laid regularly?

We answered #1 last time so we’re moving on to #2, and today’s post is for *everyone*, not just good looking hombres.

2. Should I focus on chatting to 8s and above, as they may be more receptive to my approaching them as a Good-Looking Dude?

Short answer: Yes

But, you already knew that right? To ask is to answer.

I’m not meaning to be a dick because your question actually allows for some good follow up points.

First off, that you are asking this tells me you’re not quite “there” mentally. Which is ok since you’re still learning- I’m not trying to shred you out or belittle you. One of the biggest steps for many dudes, if not *the* biggest step, is being the man who hits on/dates whoever he wants and does what he knows he needs to do, and doesn’t need my permission or his buddy’s approval beforehand. If you think you need to raise the bar for who you approach, then in all likelihood you do need to raise the bar. Trust yourself and believe in your judgment.

Furthermore, your judgment is well founded. As someone trying to get better with girls, making moves on increasingly hotter girls is the best way to hone your skills. This goes for everyone. Banging out one hot ass chick by swatting aside, Dikembe Mutombo style, all the shit that it can entail (high flakiness, coyness, playing the game right back at you) is worth banging out dozens of plain Janes and ‘tweeners.

As a self-reported good looking dude, it is also true that you will find, in most cases, these hotter girls are more receptive to being approached by you than less attractive girls. Like we covered last GLDG installment, non-thirsty 6s and 7s are usually going to have their anti-player shields up and it’s on you to be more approachable and relatable. With hotter chicks it’s more of a “meeting of equals”, in the sense that you both know you’re attractive so game on. Let the smart assery and wit fly… *but only if necessary*… bringing me to my next point:

As I said last GLDG: “A good heuristic to keep in mind is that most early stage “Game” advice is for dudes who attractive women perceive as below them”. If you are truly very good looking and you walk around with confidence and righteousness in your step you will find even some of the hottest chicks are thirsting on you right away. You will find out that it is possible to overgame 8s and even 9s, but finding that limit of when you are overgaming is something you will have to find out on your own. Is she trying to be witty? Be a smart ass right back. Is she a bitch? Laugh at her, make fun of her. Are you having a nice conversation with smiling and laughter and fuck me eyes and escalating contact? Don’t ruin the mo!

As always, trust your instincts (or continue building them to the point of trustworthiness) and don’t put these chicks on a pedestal. Just because they’re hot doesn’t make them super-human or any less flawed than less attractive girls. Some of them have more self-esteem issues than the comment section of xoJane, some of them are raging cunts, some of them just want a good man to go Duggar-style house on the prairie with, some of them are batshit crazy, some of them are incredibly vain, some of them want you to beat the shit out of them during sex and piss on them in the shower after (true story), and some of them have no idea just how attractive they are.

Your ability to guage when you need to be a dick, when you need to be charmer, or when you need to shut up and let her do all the work, will come in time. But you can only develop it if you go up and talk to girls. Catching them checking you out is flattering, but it doesn’t mean jack if you can’t convert.

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