Fever and Addiction

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The phrase I keep thinking about is Jungle Fever. No, not that type of jungle fever the other one. The old school use of the word. When a lion, puma, cheetah or other jungle big cat would get sick and just kill multiple prey and not eat it. Villagers would describe just finding dead carcasses uneaten. There was a sick wild savage cat out there, stalking, hunting, killing out of some other need than hunger. Eventually it would attack the villagers themselves. It was a perversion to nature. This alpha predator usually kills when it’s hungry and then doesn’t hunt for days till the hunger comes back. This is the balance in nature, the tradeoff the predator naturally accepts for being at the top of the food chain. If it kills too often he can easily exhaust his food supply. Nature has a balance a way to guard against having too much of a good thing because soon the good thing maybe gone the alpha predator becomes desensitized to it. The thing loses its natural allure and importance. For a weekend I was that sick cat who killed but did not eat.

It started with a pill. One of those cheap Chinese Viagra knockoffs you can find at Exxon right next to the redbull. I had a long week and The English Bird was back in town after a two week work trip in England. There was plenty of texting and talk of all the things we wanted to do to each other that night and I wanted to be sure I came fully through if needed. The plan was to go over to her place from 7:30pm till about 9:20. I had to meet a client for a Wingman Workshop at 9:30. As soon as I saw her she was wearing this cute little white and black polka dot 50’s dress. We had about two drinks and then tore into each other like I just got out of prison. All the trash talking we did was backed up. Round two turned into three turned into four. I never even needed the stupid pill. In between I would make myself another drink rest until she got me back up again. By 9:20 I was able to pull myself out of her and make my way to see my client.

I felt great upon meeting the client. You know that feeling were you’ve came AND THEN you go out for the night. Where you’re all relaxed and don’t give two fucks what happens for the rest of the night. I was there. The client and I got to know one another then finally got up to make an approach. There wasn’t much there until he spotted two women sitting at the bar by themselves. He let me know which one he wanted I decided to approach and open. I was talking with the other one and she quickly gave me the look that let me know that I could have her if I wanted. The conversation was smooth. She was brunette with curly hair. She was extremely toned with muscular arms. Come to find out her and her friend did crossfit and that how they knew each other. Her day job was being a professional interior designer for rich clients in the DC area. My client was doing well with her friend so I let her know where we were planning to go next. They decided to follow along.

Once at the second spot drinks were being bought shots were being taken grinding and making out was happening in the grimy basement of this establishments. Before we knew it we were in an uber heading to Georgetown. My girl was housesitting for a multimillionaire in Georgetown. Once in this amazing house in one of those fancy neighborhoods you walk through and wonder how great it must be to have that much money, we raided the fridge for more beer. After a few drinks my client’s girl drove him back to his car. My girl and I were left there to our own devices. After some small talk we quickly removed all our close and went to town on what was probably the most expensive leather couch I’ve ever fucked on. Beforehand though I was sure to take the pill just in case. Her body was very much to my liking. Everything was tight and she had large tiggs to match. Crossfit did her body right. We passed out as the sun was barely coming up. She left me sleeping to go run some errands and see another client to do some work real quick. When she came back we went to lunch at Tony and Jo’s on the waterfront. We made our way back to the Georgetown house for another session before she took me back to my car buzzing. It felt unreal fucking in a million dollar house where I didn’t know the owner. Like being on a porn set.

I got home and slept for hours. I was exhausted and hung over from the night before. I woke up at 11 pm with a full on erection. I tried to call the Mexican Thicky from this post to do something but she said she was staying in. It started raining and thundering. I sent out a few more massive text and then called her. A girl I went on one OKC date with but have banged a handful of times since. She hates my fucking guts because I will only call her to come over for sex and that’s it. I hadn’t talked to her all summer though. I called her and she answered, “Who’s this”

VK: Who do you think it is

Her: Is this VK?

VK: Yup!

Her: You’re a fucking asshole. You only call me when you want to fuck me.

VK: Hey that’s not true! But what are you doing.

Her: (exhales) whatever. I’m at this lame party what are you doing.

VK: I’m in Georgetown (I was in my bed). Let me pick you up.

She gives me the address, I pick her up on a fucking corner. We drive back to her place barely saying a word to each other. We go into her place. I go to her bedroom and strip down to my boxers. She comes in wearing a t shirt. She gets on top of me and kisses me so hard it cracks my lip. We fornicate. I wake up in the morning and we do it again. I go home and go back to sleep.

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m on the couch when the phone buzzes. It’s Mexican thicky she wants to know if I went out the night before. I said no that I slept in like an old man. She’s just finishing her shift at the salon, wants to know if I’m hungry and suggest we can go to TGIF Friday. She pics me up and we go eat endless apps and drink strong long islands while watching some football. She knows she’s been reduced to this, just a girl I see when I want to have sex. We go back to my place and I let her order Oculus on demand. We fuck in my bed.



That’s four girls in a little over two days. Four girls in a weekend. I wake up Monday like I just came out of a haze. I can’t really describe it to friends or in a way that can do the events of the weekend justice. It’s like finding out I have this super power that allows me to fuck at will. It was a strange knowing that I’ve arrived at a pinnacle of my game. Through running game on OKC mixed with my well maintained game of being able to pick up women at night I’ve reached a point where my roster was strong. That if I wanted to have just sex I had numbers and numbers of girls who I could call who would let me do it to them. Not in that fucking gay way girls always put on their OKC profile, “I’m not looking for a hookup if that’s what I wanted I could go out and get it anytime I want”….. TRICK PLEASE YOU’RE A GIRL, STFU! It was the realization that if it’s just sex I can get that now with little effort. I had put in the work online and the real world, put in the time at the gym, put in the time at my job and jumped around enough to get a very decent wage. If it was just about having access to sex then that weekend I succeeded. I had a hunger and ate till I wasn’t hungry anymore.

Yet at the end of that weekend I felt… nothing. It wasn’t an empty feeling but what the hell was the point feeling. I got absolutely nothing accomplished that I wanted to get accomplish in terms of other work/ side projects I wanted done. I spent way more money than I wanted to. And even though I met and really liked cross fit chick the other girls I could care less if I never talked to again. They were just means to a release. Nothing more nothing less. In fact the third girl actually blocked my number, when I found out I simply shrugged. Two of the fucks where memorable and the other two really weren’t.

Still though I felt that I had gone against nature moved against an invisible tide. A guy is not supposed to be able to fuck four girls in the 2.5 days. But girls can smell it. Girls can tell you’ve been around the block a few times. They know someone else out there wants you so that makes you coveted. They can sense you’re wild so this makes them want to tame you. They want to fuck the guy who’s fucking other girls. Then there are girls you’ve fucked and they know you won’t “date” date them. That you won’t ever settle down with them and claim them as yours. But they’ll still fuck you because what’s the alternative? Sure they’ll go on other dates with other guys but you’ve broken the seal already and if you’re good at it why would they stop receiving that pleasure? You’re the guy they fuck till another dude comes that will commit or fucks them better than you.  You’re the guy they’re writing about when they put in their profile, “I’m not looking for a hookup if that’s what I wanted I could go out and get it anytime I want”

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Been in the game since 2005 and still learning everyday. But now I feel comfortable giving back and sharing wisdom with guys looking to improve one or two things in their lives that could increase their self confidence and the chance of having a favorable outcome in any romantic interaction with women. When you step to her you know you've already put in that work on your end. Nothing is left to chance.


  1. Pete September 23, 2014 at 2:50 pm

    Definitely know the “girls can smell in on you” feeling.

  2. corwin September 23, 2014 at 5:16 pm

    great post, it does really feel like you’ve tapped into the matrix and just can’t explain it to friends, especially with some guys crying that they can’t find any girls. like i always say, the cream rises to the top

  3. the oak September 23, 2014 at 7:24 pm

    good post, i haven’t read one for a while…

    “I got absolutely nothing accomplished that I wanted to get accomplish in terms of other work/ side projects I wanted done. I spent way more money than I wanted to.”

    yep, i have been battling with this for some time. as good as that feeling you describe of being at the top of your game feels, what is it you are actually accomplishing? just another notch, and each notch is less enjoyable as the last (hedonic treadmill). unless going out /pickup is your favorite (only) hobby, it is hard to want to stay in the game because it just takes so much time away from other goals. then, inevitably, as you allocate time to other goals your game slips so it actually becomes less fun and you want to allocate even less time to it.

  4. Kevin September 23, 2014 at 7:30 pm

    I mean it took you 10 years to get to this level VK just enjoy it your a legend bro

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