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Virgle Kent December 11, 2013 Game 2 Comments on Example Text Game: Lambs

Background, I went on a first date with this girl from the internet that went well. She was very flirtatious, great conversation, extremely fashionable. At the end of date I drove her back to her place and kissed a little bit, a short make out session without me trying to escalate or force the issue with me coming up. During the date I more or less hinted at the fact that I was more than successful with meeting girls on a day to day basis and was actually seeing a few I was considering settling down with. Again I didn’t brag or make myself sound like an ass. This past Saturday I double booked with her and another girl and the other girl basically begged for my time since she was leaving for Europe for a month soon. I had to cancel with this girl over text

Me: Hey fancy, I have to cancel tonight but can you be available next Friday? Let me take you out for sushi and drinks.

D: I think it could be a yes, would this be at your fave secret place?

Me: Oh Yeah it’s a special place, I only take those who are worthy …. With that smile you past the test

D: Lines!

Me: You like it

D: I like sincerity

Me: who doesn’t?

D: Yes as a woman, lines never feel sincere… Hence my point J

Me: One could see lines another could see flirtatious banter… both are harmless

D: Ha J

D: Yes, you can take me out for sushi Friday night

Me: Well in that case I “sincerely” thank you for the privilege, Fancy

D: ha ha ha, you’ve got jokes, look forward to seeing you Friday


As you can see I went too hard and over played my hand with the smile comment that raised (or reestablished) her instincts that I was a player.  After I fucked up she tried to call me out on it.

D: Lines!

I tried to agree and amplify while going with the flow

D: You like it!

Her, “I like sincerity” and the comment about as a “woman lines never feel sincere”. More of the backstory here, while on our date she made it clear that she’s dated alpha bad boys in her youth. She called them jerks but I got the impression she dated a bunch of them and was naturally drawn to them. But now at 30 she was trying to pretend that lines and wouldn’t work on her and she doesn’t fall for game anymore like she used to.  This was a trap, I could have easily argued or brought up counter points to the contrary but over text my only goal was to get her to the fucking date not debate her biological responses to prepared statements.  So

 Me: One could see lines another could see flirtatious banter… both are harmless

Just sidestepped the whole argument and basically told her we were looking at the same thing through different eyes, an agree to disagree move and whatever her point is harmless.  Basically brushed it off, now she could continue to try and make a point risking coming off looking sorta bitchy or she can drop it and accept the date from me. She accepts the date and I even make fun of her point in a sarcastic line.

The big picture here is after the first date and txt communication with me, everything inside of her body knows I’m a player. That I have lines I tell to women and certain moves I do. She knows all this through her past and yet even with me admitting to as much, she’s still willing to go out on another date with me.  Like a lamb being lead to her own slaughter and going along willingly. It’s an obvious testament to true female nature, that even if they know nothing good will come out of the encounter women prefer to get with alphas and have fun for a few dates or a short relationship over a lifetime of boredom with a beta male.

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  1. Jack H December 12, 2013 at 9:35 am

    Good save. as I was reading that I was thinking “uh ohhhh”. A little wordy for my tastes but got the job done. I would’ve responded something like…
    “Me: lines, flirting… whatever both harmless”

    and spot on about her knowing that you’re a player. It’s like showing a jury damning evidence and then the judge telling them to try to ignore it their decision

  2. Virgle Kent December 12, 2013 at 10:04 am

    Ha ha with the jury and evidence line. Let’s see how the date goes though to see if I truly saved the day or not

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