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Years ago, when he was younger he never thought he could pull a girl like her. One day while walking through a fancy DC art gallery he struck up a conversation with her over the work of a local artist. One thing led to another and it wasn’t long before she let him know that she owned the gallery. She also taught a pilates glass at an upscale gym. She was tall with long curly blonde hair and ice cold blue eyes. At 29 she was the first hard 10 he ever pulled. They went out on their first date and she paid for everything. She wore a red dress, and the black heals with the red bottoms. She smelled incredible, an exotic scent he’d never smelled before. During their intriguing conversation he had to know what she was wearing. She told him Chanel Gardenia, he had no clue what that was but he knew he liked it.

The date went well and ended with a make out session. By the third date he went back to her lavish condo and they fucked like there was no tomorrow. Her lingerie was expensive black and lacy and even included garter belts. He was used to Victoria Secrets and this was on some Coco de Mer shit. She moved like a puma in that bed and took him to heights he never dreamt of. When they were done all that was left was the smell of her perfume.

They continued to date and she opened him up to new worlds. As the relationship grew and went its course the amazing mind blowing sex became common. He became used to seeing her nude and still admiring her body with heavy breasts that never seemed to sag. They slowly started to argue over trivial things about each other. She soon started introducing him into her social circle where he would be grilled by her friends about their future together. During all this a weird thing started happening, the smell of the Chanel Gardenia started to slightly irritate him. When she spent the night it was all over his pillow case and bedding. He could smell it all over her clothes when they met. On top of that he noticed there was something slightly off about her. The way she always made plans about their future together. How she enjoyed showing him off to her coworkers as if he was some trophy.

His friends thought she was a catch, most of them drooling over the fact that she was a perfect 10 and demanding stories of the great sex that was now just another Tuesday night to him. He asked them what they thought about her perfume which was even more irritating at his point. They thought she smelled like heaven. Still the relationship went on. Soon he couldn’t stand the smell any longer so he demanded that she stopped wearing it all together. At first she was annoyed but she had plenty of other fragrances that she could wear so she agreed. Soon he introduced her to his family and they were all in love with her. She was the one the pulled him aside to say. He smiled faintly and asked if they noticed her smell. Even though she switched perfumes she still smelled of the Gardenia. They thought she smelled incredible and gave him a funny look.

Soon she started pressing him on their future together and thought it would make sense for him to leave his bachelor pad and move into her roomy condo. He liked the bachelor pad though, his fortress of solitude where he could escape some nights to just think and decompress. Of course this started a major argument. At this point he had developed hives on his chest and neck. As a side note he demanded she stop wearing any fragrance as he still smelled the Chanel. She rolled her eyes but agreed and the continued to argue about the subject at hand. It was all happening so fast, she had a set of plans for herself and how she saw her future going. He felt like he had no input into decisions involving the both of them again like an accessory. He left and went back to his place to think.

Even at his home he still smelled that damn perfume. He started to think that she might have told him she stopped wearing it but continue to wear it anyway just to fuck with him. He knew he had to figure out if this was really what he wanted. The sex was amazing, she was a smart and even more beautiful woman than any other girl he’d ever dated. The chances of getting another girl this good was like winning the lotto twice. But still there was things off about the relationship. How it seemed too calculated on her end the lack of input he had in the decision making and if he was being honest it wasn’t that fun. It felt more like a business transaction or chore than a romantic union. He knew a relationship couldn’t survive on guilt. So the next day he met her for coffee and gently broke up with her. She still smelled like that goddamn Gardenia.

At first he was sad and missed her company. He was tempted a few times when he was drunk and lonely to pick up the phone and call her. He remembered the amazing sex and all the sexy outfits she’d wear for him. But when he did he also remembered the smell of that fucking Chanel Gardenia. His friends were in disbelief he broke up with her. His parent’s called him an idiot. Everybody agreed it didn’t get any better than her.

Weeks later he was exploring through a vintage record shop on the outskirts of NE DC. Looking for a rare live Frank Sinatra vinyl record of one of his last shows in NYC he bumped into a leggy brunette. There was something sophisticated about her. Since they were both in the live section he asked what record she was looking for. She told him Serge Gainsbourg specifically from 1986. It was an album her parents played often in her youth. Come to find out she was French and worked as a translator at the French embassy. She was effortlessly thin. He could tell she didn’t try hard at anything but had a way of being. She was an 7.5 in a weird way. They continued their discussion on live albums and he left with her phone number.

A week later they grabbed dinner at SEI. The dimly lit room and classy white background balanced well with her off white dress. The conversation was as effortless as in the vinyl record store. She told him about her travels and he told her about his job and living in DC. They were both nervous but had a good time. They decided to jump spot to the Japanese whiskey joint around the corner. While walking they ended up holding hands and getting closer. He could smell her perfume and it was sensational. He told her she smelled lovely. She told him thanks, the bottle was a going away gift from her mother, it was called Chanel Gardenia


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    Clever writing 🙂 On first read, I would have thought how the same perfume on two different women could have opposite reactions, but, after reading your next post, the perfume appears to be both a symbol of womanhood and a signal to remind him as great as the relationship begins, it too will be doomed.

    Best of luck in finding that particular kind of woman who brings you the satisfaction you’re looking for. Life brings us all enough challenges; our mates shouldn’t be one of them. When you meet someone who is as ready as you are and as right for you as you are for them, it will all seem effortless and happen very quickly. I’m sure it is just a matter of time for you, so, try to treasure it as it happens.

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