Max Out Music #2

Time for another round of Max Out Music! For those of you gym bros you know what it’s like. It’s that shit that gets your adrenaline going, your heart pumping, and summons rage from the very deepest recesses of your brain. It’s that heavy bass drop, aggressive ass beat, or guitar shredding out with the hammering bass kick. It’s Michael’s secret stuff in Space Jam. Hell, scientists worldwide estimate effective Max Out Music is worth at least 2-4 extra reps and/or 20+ more pounds when utilized correctly.

Here’s some more to add to your playlist:

(Check out Max Out Music 1)

Revocation is back again because… they are amazing. Over the past few months they’ve become my favorite band and their stuff is just as good outside of the gym as it is when you’re under the bar.

The build up in this song is great, followed by a sick ass drop that jacks me up.

I’ve always loved this beat.

Drops and crazy beats. Erratic, but energetic.

Can’t help myself. A lot of my max out songs have been chilling in my phone’s memory banks, untouched for months, thanks to Revocation.

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  1. John Connor April 3, 2014 at 3:27 pm

    Care to share a link to some of your spotify workout playlists?

    • Nate April 3, 2014 at 8:15 pm

      Haven’t ever had a work out only type playlist, just add random songs to “Starred” but even then I haven’t added much. I’m still old school in that I like listening to individual albums at one time with no mixing.

      So what I’m trying to say is add Revocation’s albums “Teratogenisis”, “Existence is Futile”, and “Chaos of Forms” as playlists.

      If you like stuff that’s heavier than what passes as “alternative rock” today, would put Metallica in their prime to shame, but doesn’t have that pukey heavy/death metal vocals that ruins the genre for me, Revocation is the band to listen to.

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