Cut Down For Summer Fast

It’s that time of the year! Memorial Day, the semi-official starting day of beach season (for us non-coasties), is right around the corner and who doesn’t want to look good for that?

Hopefully, most of you, as readers of NLU who might be utilizing Jamie Lewis’s Apex Predator Diet or are already watching your diet, are already sporting that beach body or are almost there. For those of you with a handful of pounds left to go, there is a pretty easy way to kill off the last of that in as little as a month if you can get some discipline. Allow me, your resident guinea pig, to explain:

Last month, at the conclusion of the Winter Bulk Up ’13-’14 (my last “bulk up” I’ll ever do due to a change in thinking) I was at 196 pounds. At that point, I had already begun cutting and a month prior I had been as heavy as 207. Now, I am fluctuating between 191-194 and that hasn’t budged in two weeks unless I get drunk, where I’ll wake up pretty shredded at 189 with nearly zero water weight. I am convinced there isn’t much left I can lose without taking it up a notch to Clen/T3 and other stuff like that, which I am not wanting to get into yet.

I managed to cut while not only keeping my muscle, but even growing them (a bit). I know it goes against conventional thinking, and it may be because of my young age and the fact that I have been giving my muscles a huge stimulus by going through my first round of Doggcrapp, but it is true. I kept my protein high and went H.A.M.

This cut was a departure from the Apex Predator Diet and is more of a bodybuilding style cut (with traces of intermittent fasting), and for inspiration I can credit Jay from Fab Fit Over 40 with articles such as 12 Steps To A Fabulously Fit Body! and Are 6 Pack Abs Realistic For Anyone? as well as his podcasts with Mike from Danger and Play such as How To Gain 10 Pounds Of Muscle Without Bulking.

It is a hard cut. You figure your maintenance calories, which for me is around 2800, and then subtract 1000. Calories in, calories out with a huge deficit. I did that almost daily, with once in a blue moon days where I’d eat maintenance calories to switch it up. Protein stays high (at least 1 gram per bodyweight) to protect your muscles from catabolism, and slow clean carbs are eaten before and after lifting. Thermogenics are taken at least twice a day and there is cardio on off days (or long walks through downtown).

Sample day:

  • 7 AM: 48 g (two scoops) whey isolate protein shake and thermogenic (I use Complete Nutrition Assault)- 220 calories, 48 g protein
  • 12:30 PM: 1 cup brown rice, 1/2 lb lean ground turkey/beef- 530 cals, 44 g protein
  • 4 PM: Thermo, BCAAs for pre-workout
  • 5 PM: Post-workout shake- 220 calories, 48 g
  • 6 PM: 1 cup brown rice, 1 lb lean ground turkey/beef- 860 calories, 92 g protein

Total: 1830 calories, 232 grams protein

Some days I would add a couple tablespoons of peanut butter as a mid morning snack, adding 380 calories and 16 g protein, and/or a protein shake before bed, pushing me up to 2100-2200 calories. Either way, I was running pretty huge deficits while getting carbs in for energy at the gym and lots of protein to make sure my muscles stay good. This was literally about what I ate every day, though I did try sweet potatoes instead of rice a couple days (the jury is still out on whether I like those things).

Off days were pretty much the same because they aren’t really off days, though sometimes I would cut out the carbs. I was either in the gym doing full incline treadmill at 3.2 mph for a half hour and abs after, going on long ass walks downtown exploring with my hombre Unlucky Devil, or playing golf and otherwise staying active. I credit this additional “off day” activity with helping speed things up, with the joys of being active every day a “good” in itself.

To sum it up-

  • Hard calorie deficit
  • Muscle-sparing protein intake
  • Thermogenics and Cardio
  • Activity every day
  • Carbs pre and post workout

Whenever I write things like these I realize I probably make a couple of assumptions that some may not have or accidentally gloss over something that may be important that. If you have any questions, definitely leave a comment!

Also, on a final note, if you’re not taking drugs or shredding out for a bodybuilding meet, you are not going to have muscle mag style abs. Don’t feel bad at all that you don’t look like that, it is nearly impossible for the vast majority of us to look like that without getting into all of that stuff. Like I said earlier, I only really look like that if I clear out all my water with old fashioned Black Velvet and I’m not looking to get into that fancy stuff (yet).

196 lbs- April

196 lbs- April

191- May

191- May

Muscle Mag Flexing- O you think people have abs  like muscle mags all the time?

Muscle Mag Flexing- O you think people have abs like muscle mags all the time?

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  1. Matt May 29, 2014 at 8:53 pm

    Fucking doggcrap man, shit’s a killer.

  2. SimplyHuman June 3, 2014 at 7:00 pm

    You don’t need drugs or anything to be mad fit. Just a good workout regime and lots of rest. Btw, you’re taking WAY too much protein which if isn’t utilized is converted directly into fat. I’m gonna recommend reading “Convict Conditioning” by Paul “Coach” Wade or looking into Progressive Calisthenics

    • Nate June 4, 2014 at 2:26 pm

      Heh, a CC disciple. Based on what most CC people look like, I’m guessing you don’t have enough muscle to worry about keeping it with high protein intake when you’re cutting weight.

      • Ben July 28, 2014 at 5:25 pm

        what thermos do you recommend?

        • Nate July 29, 2014 at 7:05 am

          I’ve tried 6-7 kinds and I can only recommend 3-

          Cellucor D4
          Compelete Nutrition Assault
          Cellucor Super HD

          D4 and Assault are both very strong. They burned me out by the time the bottle was gone, but the results were great. Super HD isn’t quite as good as D4 and Assault, but it still works well and I did not get burned out on it with the headaches and the zone-y empty brain, adrenal burnout feeling.

          Though feel free to take my “burn out” feelings with a grain of salt. I wasn’t exactly following recommended dosage.

  3. Josh Williams July 10, 2015 at 8:25 pm

    Encore Beach Club. Fucking amazing

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