Boost Your Workouts With The Jaybird BlueBuds X

I’m not even going to start with a lede here- I love these things.

Bluetooth headphones are the way of the future, no doubt about it.

I’ve always hated regular headphones that plug into your iPod or phone. It limits your movement and makes shit weird, especially in the gym, even if you snake the wire through your shirt. It bugged the hell out of me. I never wanted to get one of those armband things that hold your device either because who wants to deal with that either while you’re lifting. When I got my first set of Bluetooth headphones it was awesome, it made everything so much easier not having to dick around with your device in your pocket, changing songs, and the wire and all that. It’s a small but crucial focus premium. I will never go back.

With these bad boys, I turn them on, they synch with my phone in a second, I fire up Spotify and then I’m ready to shred out to some Max Out Music. I set my phone down close by and the range is such that I have total freedom of movement around most of my gym. The volume and other controls are all right there on the wrap around wire so I don’t have to ever return to my phone if I don’t want to.

For background, I started out with the JayBird Freedom Sprint, which is the predecessor to the JayBird BlueBuds X. They were nice to have, but is a more basic and older design. The battery lasted around 4 hours before needing a recharge, so it wasn’t uncommon for it to crap out mid-lift. The sound was great (both models have sound quality that blows regular earbuds and other non-acoustic headphones out of the water), but the range, while it started at a nice 10 meters or so, gradually started to plummet until the point last fall when I had to be a yard from my phone. Eventually, the thing crapped out altogether.

I got the BlueBuds as the replacement and Dear Lord it is on another level. The sound quality, like I said earlier, is great. I don’t know how they get it that good for bud style headphones. The stated battery life is 8 hours, but I swear it regularly goes 10 hours. My gym is huge, and I can walk across it without losing connection. They have these ear-pad things instead of wrap-arounds that comfortably secure the buds into each ear, and after you tweak the sizes and configuration a bit you can get it so you don’t even feel them.

Additionally, the main drawback of bluetooth headphones- having to charge them- has been heavily diminished with the BlueBuds. Despite the longer life, mine charges in maybe 2 hours whereas the Freedom Sprint would need 4 hours.

Some might find the price prohibitive, but I suppose that’s a decision we all have to make. To me, the $130 price tag is worth it (or the smaller price of other models) since I’m at the gym doing something every day of the week and use them a lot at work (where free movement is also great). If you’re not broke, it’s no big deal, and they come with a lifetime warranty for sweat damage. Others agree, if the increasing presence of Bluetooth headphones that I see every day is any indication.

If you value focus and freedom of movement and from distraction in the gym, pedal to the metal with great sounding shred-out tunes, then you got to check out Jaybird BlueBuds X.

Blue Jay

*These were taken with my own phone, so if gym selfies are your thing then hey…one more reason to get these. And why am I squatting jack shit? Doggcrapp 20 rep squats, check it out!

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