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How awesome would it be if you could have a girl come over have some hardcore porn playing on TV to get her in the mood, she gets so fucking turned on and can’t help herself so she jumps on top of you and begs you to take her to the bedroom and bang her brains out? I don’t know about you but to my knowledge girls don’t work like that. I know I know yet another flaw when it comes to women. If you guys haven’t been dating long or maybe it’s the first time she’s come over to your place in the back of your mind you want to get down and she came over to hangout for the night so to some degree she may want to get down as well. All that is missing is that jump off point. That moment where you two can stop pretending not to know the reason you invited her over. If only you had something sexy yet artistic and proactive enough to get her in the right mind frame without making you look like a horny creep. Gone are the days of having playboy/ Penthouse as acceptable coffee table reads. Enter Helmet Newton’s Sumo.

The physicality of the book is magnetic itself. Titled Sumo for good reason the book comes around 15 pounds and 480 pages (if you think that’s big the original weighed in at  I think 65 pounds or something like that and was over 2 feet in length). Its ivory white with a picture of famous playboy/ Model Henriette Allais fully nude, tone legs shoulder with apart in heals, arms crossed in front of her with her left fist grabbing a handful of her pubic hair. This is a photography book that makes you think, “Wait what” and sings to be opened to see what’s inside. A girl will get comfortable on the couch while you put her things away and peak it out of the corner of her eye. I drop a couple of lines about who Newton was, the famous work he did with major fashion magazines back in the day and how influential he was or how inspirational his work is to me.  They raise an eyebrow even more intrigued now but still act a little unimpressed. I go to the kitchen to pour some wine/ start cooking and when I come back they’ve opened it and have been pulled in. They’re gone Sumo has them now.










Every picture in the book to me is amazing. The detail, what he captures with just skill no digital camera work, how haunting the black and whites are. The voyeurism, the unapologetic erotica, and the chances this man took. It’s easy to get lost in the book and turned on at the same time. The man had a way of making you ask questions and wonder what’s going on besides the obvious. Maybe you two were supposed to watch a movie but now she just wants to look through your dirt book at pictures of beautiful women mostly undressed. Play a game about what stands out to you in the pictures, what does she see, what is the scenario. Let sumo be your wingman. Then transition from the book to her in between sips of wine. Ask her if she’s worn anything like that, has she lived any of the scenarios. It’s almost too easy to escalate when sumo has your back.

Its winter and you will be spending more cold nights in. This is the perfect addition to your place that will be sure to get the party started should you chose to have company. I got mine for about $106.00 and please believe me it was worth every single penny. The scenario I described above has happened on more than one occasion in the month that I’ve owned this. Besides that every time I open the book and look through it I find a new picture or notice something different about a picture that I didn’t see before. It’s a book that pays for itself over and over again. A book every bachelor should own.














Helmet Newton’s Sumo.

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  1. Bruise January 29, 2014 at 6:49 pm

    Araki is on my coffee table – stylistically very different from Newton – he has a very underworld feel to his photos.

  2. He was one of the reasons that drew me to the show!

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