The Land of the Blind

I argue that Donald Trump has had one of the easiest primaries I’ve ever seen. In the long run this is not a good thing. First thing he had in his favor was the element of surprise. I’m pretty sure since the late 90’s Trump has joked around about running for president, this time surprise… He went through with it. The fact that he was a charismatic mogul who gave zero fucks about what came out of his mouth made him an instant likeable candidate to disenfranchised Republicans and those in certain fringe groups. Other Republican candidates never took him seriously as a threat till it was too late, the lead he built up on pure name recognition and braggadocios fervor alone was insurmountable. The press helped him by attempting to make fun of him while simultaneously highlighting every outburst he made only increasing his popularity.


Don’t even get me started on the rest of the Republican field. Political no names and degenerates. Governors with record unfavorable ratings in their own states, a third rate Bush, A Cuban wannabe Kennedy robot with the IQ of a marble. The number one most hated Republican in congress in Ted Cruz that shut down the government twice. Seriously his new supporters hate him so much they endorse him then quickly preform self-flagellation   (Yeah Lindsey Graham I’m fucking looking at you). I’m pretty sure nobody STILL knows who the fuck John Kasich is.


Bottom Line Donald Trump went through and is going through the land of the blind with one eye patch and an M16. He’s won republican debates by telling “yo mamma so fat” jokes and out Mountain Dew “EXTREME- ing” everyone else to the right. At this point his only regret is not suggesting we bring back torture techniques from the Spanish Inquisition to perform on Americans to make them prove they aren’t secret Muslims. The guy wasn’t seriously tested by other candidates on his policies until it was way too late by then the question was drowned out by laughter from the crowd after Donald responded with, “Yeah, but have you seen mah dick”. Trump is a political southpaw that fights with a horseshoe in his glove. It’s true he’s politically unorthodox. Republican candidates that try to go to his level get knocked the fuck out. He hasn’t had to truly defend his policies to the media or even defend his Jonny come lately new found “Conservative” beliefs (More on that to come). Trump hasn’t beaten any real contenders and the lack of a “real” challenge in his primary is an overall weakness. Not once has he had to pivot or change tactics when pressed or proven to be incorrect. He only moves in one direction and that’s forward.




Leadership, “Practice… We talking about Practice”

The greatest fault of Donald Trump is the fact that he isn’t a true leader. He’s worse than that, he’s a weak user. He doesn’t care about the Republican/ Conservative party, he doesn’t really care about the disenfranchised and far right fringe in that party and he doesn’t care about America. The only thing Donald Trump Cares about is Donald Trump and it shows. He is ill prepared to lead a country and while it was easier to hide that behind name calling and wall building in a Republican field of sixteen candidates but when the spot light comes on him for real as the primary ends and the general election comes closer, it becomes obviously clear. He is a gifted political musician who can play by ear but can’t read music. Good luck in a symphony.


Remember when Trump said he’d surround himself with “the best people and the best experts” once in the White House? But when recently asked who was his foreign policy advisor he basically said himself? Donald Trump is an Army of one. His foreign Policy, his economic advisor, immigration policy advisor is all Donald Trump. You start to see where this is going. Because of a weak primary to date he’s began making self-induced rookie mistakes that seasoned politicians (the thing his supporters love that he isn’t) would not. It’s basic stuff, take for instant his Washington Post interview that proves that Trump has the foreign policy IQ of Hank from Marvin’s Room. Look how he got KO’d by conservative radio host Charlie Sykes in battle ground state Wisconsin. As more light shines on his campaign we find that this is a man that’s often ill prepared and who’s only true political skill is popularity, intimidation. Again in another instance Trump shows that him AND his team didn’t fully understand how the RNC delegate process worked and now they want to complain about it. While Hillary Clinton is leaving offices open in Key Battle ground states like Iowa and Ohio Trump after the Republican primaries pulls up shop and moves on to the next state. He truly believes he can win based on being popular and nothing else. No ground game, no get out the vote efforts, no backroom dealing and scheming, just being Donald Trump because it’s gotten him this far. What’s his plan to win the Latino vote? “I will be great for Hispanics” What’s his plan to win over the black vote. “I’m great with blacks”. In a recent poll seven out of ten women hate him and 47% of Republican women can’t see themselves voting for him. “I’m the best for women”. You quickly start to see that the game plan is home enough angry white men come out to support me. As history and simple math have proven… that won’t work.



I remember in my youth when basketball player Allen Iverson complained about giving 100% and showing up to Practice. I (like Trump supporters today) felt he was correct that he didn’t need practice but was great enough to show up to the game take it over and win as he often did. Yet for some crazy reason he never won an NBA Championship the ultimate and only goal that matters in the sport. It wasn’t till later that I fully realized what his coaches were trying to tell him. Practice wasn’t for Iverson to get better it was the time to help his TEAM get better. To build up their skills and cohesiveness to the next level to play alongside Iverson. That the time would come during the champion ship run that everyone would have to be on the same page mentally while playing at the same level physically. The fact that Iverson wasn’t willing to lead his team through boring practice was a sign that he wasn’t prepared to lead his team to victory during the NBA finals during the Lakers.


This is Trump today. A selfish leader (if nominated) that doesn’t realize that his words and action effect other Republicans running for office down ticket. Those Republicans in swing states can’t go out and endorse his hate speech even though he can say it and get away with it. And in reverse they can’t outright endorse him the way he is now. Trump is thinking only about himself rather than the party as a whole. He doesn’t realize that for a Republican victory they’ll all have to be on the same playbook every step of the way. But then again Trump is the hotshot athlete that doesn’t bother to read the playbook. The RNC sees this among his other flaws. Best case scenario Trump wins the presidency while the party loses congress. Worst case scenario is Trump loses presidency and Republicans lose congress. Of Course Trump is the monster Republicans created but that’s a story for another day.  But back to Trump as a leader. Is he willing to be humble in defeat and do what’s best for the party should a brokered convention happen (as it has many times before) and he is not the Republican nominee. Will he swallow his pride and do everything in his power to unite the party and help defeat Hillary Clinton? My bet is on him being selfish, running as an independent, and taking his supporters with him. Of course this all but guarantees a Hillary Clinton victory but what does Donald Trump care in his mind it’s all about him anyways.

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  1. ons4everalpha March 29, 2016 at 2:15 pm

    Have you ever voted republican?

  2. Virgle Kent March 29, 2016 at 3:08 pm

    All the time twice on Sundays

    • Brian April 14, 2016 at 9:14 pm

      So who would you support? I think Trump is more of a uniter then a divider. He’s doing whats best for Americans, not blacks, not whites, but Americans, and sincerely wants to put the well being of every American over immigrants from Mexico, Middle East, etc. That is the man I want representing me and my country.

  3. Alt Right "Alpha" August 10, 2016 at 3:02 pm

    But but Virgle, you’re a cuck! *sarcasm*

    – Every moron on the manosphere.

    In other news, you hit it hard on the head. It will be interesting how people try to rationalize Trump’s loss in the election with the “manosphere” threatening revolution and leaving the country. For all the “race war” stuff they talk about, it looks like they might the one’s starting it. Great stuff man, keep it up on here and on Twitter!

  4. Raksha Bandhan August 12, 2016 at 12:23 pm


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