The Best Relationship Show You’re Not Watching.

Five episodes in and Satisfaction has turned out to be one of the realist shows about marriage I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a fair and balance approached at how a couple can see the same relationship through two different and distinct viewpoints. To summarize as the trailer shows Neil and Grace have been married since College. He’s a hardworking manager in a Financial/Equity firm she’s a wannabe interior decorator and they both have a teenage daughter. Neil comes back from a trip unexpectedly and walks in her getting banged out by a younger guy. After confronting the guy outside unbeknown to Grace he finds out that she’s been paying him to fuck her on the side. After recovering from the shock of this news he gets a ride home from the dude and actually ends up with the guy’s phone. Soon he ends up stumbling into a world of becoming a professional gigolo himself. Now they’re both living a double life and trying to reconnect with each other.



There is so much red pill knowledge in this show that many guys who’ve swallowed it will easily sit back and be enjoyed. What’s surprising is the truth that keeps coming up that makes us think about what a marriage really means, the sacrifices that go into it, and what it means to share your life with another person while making it work.

Let’s be honest here, on many PUA blogs and manosphere blogs everyone will paint a one sided simplistic story about what happens in an American marriage and how it’s not worth it for men. Many writers themselves never been married or even lived with another woman for a significant amount of time. You here the typical worse case divorce stories, situations where the woman stops sleeping with the guy and he has to beg for sex, or the woman cheating behind the man’s back for years before he finds out. All of these things do happen and we can find plenty of stories online. But that’s not the whole picture of how a marriage can fail. A lot of guys don’t talk about what a man can do wrong in a marriage. How men can easily take their wives for granted, focus too much on work and become emotionally distant from their wives, or even unconsciously ignore their wives even when their wives reach out to them.

Satisfaction is interesting in that it shows us what a lot of people don’t realize about sharing your life with someone. The simple fact that you’re always growing and for it to work you have to grow in the same direction. If you look at your life how much have you changed in the past ten years, hell the man you are today in some cases can be a completely different man than you were a year ago. Add another person to it and you can see how easily it is for two people to grow apart or in different directions. Add lack of communication to it and it becomes clear to see how you can wake up next to a stranger and not even realize it. The two main characters are attractive yet extremely believable as a middle aged married couple. Both of them trying to figure out who they are, transform, then find themselves again all through the affairs they have with other people. They love each other but are attempting to reconnect. If you want a show that gives you some truths about the complexity of marriage I highly suggest watching Satisfaction on USA 10:00pm on Thursday nights.

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  1. Atlanta Man August 22, 2014 at 6:18 pm

    You sold me,I will check it out.Love to see you post so often, you have have solid content.

  2. Ronin August 22, 2014 at 6:49 pm

    I’ve been watching this one as well. Generally shows like this don’t last long, the women vote them off the island in about six weeks it seems. I hope this one gets renewed

  3. Peter August 22, 2014 at 9:49 pm

    Trailer got me me. Good pick VK.

    The agents for the USA network are ninjas. White Collar and Suits are two of the only other shows I watch.

  4. Virgle Kent August 23, 2014 at 4:22 pm

    Peter, I fucks with both of those shows also. It seems like they really get a certain type of man to pull in.

  5. Transparent Society August 25, 2014 at 4:05 pm

    Personally this show is garbage to me. If i find out that my wife payed an escort to fuck her, the last thing I will do is try and make that relationship work. Kick her ass out the curb. The show that comes an hour before satisfaction on thursdays is a much better watch. A player doctor with questionable clientele and a drug addiction races around the city to help high paying clients while landing himself in a lot of trouble along the way.

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