Race Capitalism

America is an entity that solely exists to make money. In the end all our ideals, beliefs, politics will never overcome the need of someone else making money. This is never more evident when it comes to people getting fired over making a racist comment or insulting federally protected minority group (LGBT, Muslim, disabled). When this happens White Nationals want to blame the left and cry out about freedom of speech and Amendments or whatever while at the same time liberals want to pat themselves on the back as if we have made some great stride forward in erasing hatred. Neither could be further from the truth. All that’s really happening is witnessing free market Race Capitalism at work, nothing more nothing less.

It’s easy to tell that people don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about when as soon as someone gets caught and fired for saying something stupid in their private life they yell, “What about the First Amendment” or “What about Freedom of speech”.  Simply put you have the right to say whatever you want and not be imprisoned or killed by the government for it. Nowhere are you guaranteed employment.  Last week some WN were up in arms over Donald Sterling’s life time band from the NBA and why wasn’t the as Left upset about this. As if there was some liberal orchestration to remove this BILLIONARE from his team because of his stupid comments to his side chick. If you believe in some kind of WN conspiracy theory maybe if you believe in capitalism then you can see all the obvious reasons for the lifetime ban.

Playoffs – The end of the season and most important time for highest revenue in the NBA and the Clippers where one of the teams. Had this occurred during the off season earlier in the season, or the Clippers weren’t in the Playoffs then there might have been a different punishment but at the time all eyes were on the NBA so a message had to be sent.

Other Rich white owners – Nobody with a high enough IQ actually believes Sterling is the ONLY owner that thinks/ feels the way he does, besides the fact that there have been clear obvious signs of his racism for the past 20 years. But once the recording dropped, became public and it started to look like other owners Revenue sources would be affected then Sterling had to go and had to go fast. If you take one thing away from this article let it be that you do NOT fuck with Rich White Peoples money. You do NOT take food out of their future unborn great great great grandchildren’s mouths.  I dare you… go ahead and see what happens. So the group of other owners got together and voted him out. He became too much of a risk to their own investments. The decision was unanimous, so you’re telling me that after all those decades as an owner he didn’t have one other owner friend that would stick up for him and vote to keep him in the NBA? NOT ONE! Capitalism, that shit is straight cold blooded my Negro!

Player League Shutdown – In the end Sterling happened to be the owner of a team in the wrong sport. Had he owned a NHL team or a MLB team dude would have gotten small fine, suspended maybe a season if that. Unfortunately he made a racist comment about blacks in a league that’s about 90% black, with a players union, in the middle of the Playoffs. There were already whispers of players banding together for a walk off or NBA shutdown. Again how much Revenue would have been lost by owners/ cities/ TV networks had this happened? Race Capitalism!

Instead cutting Sterling, a dying old racist who himself brought nothing besides owning a team to the table actually worked in the NBA’s favor. The Clippers have become American’s team now; more people are watching the Playoffs than ever before. I was out in DC on Saturday night and all eyes were on TV’s showing the game. The NBA commissioner managed to take a situation that could have cost the league Billions and turned it into a profit making event on some straight WWF storyline shit. AMERICA!

In this country the new truth, the only truth is that it’s not profitable to be racist/sexist/ Homophobic/ anti any religions because all those groups spend money, buy shit, watch shit. If you’re a business you’re sole purpose is to make money. If you’re publically traded your only mission is to increase stock value.  With a shrinking market share anything that could jeopardize your revenue is a threat that must be eliminated. If TMZ got a tape Pepsi’s CEO bad mouthing one eyed Mexican midgets then within 24 hour Coca-Cola will be airing commercials showing they support one eyed Mexican midgets. They’d scream outrage and show a one eyed Mexican midget working in their factory, corporate headquarters, you name it. They will overnight have a one eyed Mexican midget college fund. This is how Race Capitalism is played. Does Coca-Cola really care that much about one eyed Mexican midgets? Hell no! But Pepsi made themselves vulnerable to lose a piece of their market share based on a tape of what the CEO made. Now Pepsi has to scramble and overcompensate to make up for that lost market share.

Luckily 75% of working class people and cubical jockeys don’t have to worry about this. Let’s say you make an off colored joke at work and it gets back to HR. Chances are you won’t get fired right there on the spot. You’ll probably be written up and asked to attend some sensitivity training but that’s about it. That is because you’re on the cheap low level the company uses to make money. It would be cheaper to keep you and make money off your sweat than to fire you, look for your replacement, train them etc etc. If you make a joke in the company chances are nobody outside of the company or public will know about it. Now if you go off on a racist tirade against another coworker and are verbally abusive that’s another story. My point is that you’re not important enough to cost the company money or affect their market share for saying something racist.  But you might as well wish you were fired because good luck getting promoted to a position of authority or any sort of power.

This is my argument when people say, “Sterling sad some bad stuff, but you have players who’ve killed people, killed animals, beat up their girlfriends and done much worse than making a racist comment and they weren’t banned for life”. YUP, that’s Race Capitalism at its finest right there. The truth is Professional athletes can do the worst things imaginable and still have jobs because they are able to make owners/ other people money! Now you’re really starting to understand the Capitalism part. It has nothing to do with right or wrong or your moral values and beliefs at the end of the day it’s all about if you can make someone money or you’ll cost someone money.  Apply this principal to Duck Dynast fiasco.

Those that get fired are CEO’s, VPs, Directors etc etc. People with enough authority as to be associated to the company on a public level OR with enough managerial / decision making power that subordinates would reasonably question or sue the company over perception of being discriminated in the past. For example imagine you’re white and your boss is black. He’s been fair to you and has never said anything racist or inappropriate for the last seven years you’ve been at the company. All of a sudden you find out he’s part of some Black Panther party that believes whites should be kept down or made to pay for slavery or something like that. Well of a sudden you start thinking about all your reviews you’ve had under that boss and wondering if there was a chance you deserved more of a raise or a promotion and if his outside beliefs had anything to do with that. But it’s not just you; it’s you and everyone else in your department. Now all of a sudden you’re company has a potential class action lawsuit on its hands over what may look like unfair work practices. This is another way Race Capitalism works.

So the next time some idiot gets caught saying something stupid about a race of people and you think there’s a left wing conspiracy behind it think about Race Capitalism. Realize that every company has the right to make money first and foremost. Understand that America is a business.

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  1. byronicmate May 5, 2014 at 2:56 pm

    *Slow clap*

    You must consume a lot of media. Your quotes/clips are always killer.

    Also, this is a good reminder for youngins like me; at the end of the day, be profitable.

    By the way, I’ll never get how he liked her if SHE WAS BLACK AND LATINA ????

    It’s not like he couldn’t buy a Playboy bunny

    • Megaman May 6, 2014 at 5:46 am

      With the bunnies, he had already been there and done that.

  2. Fred Standish May 5, 2014 at 4:37 pm

    Firing people for dumb shit they say in private is insane. If the customers care, they’re insane. If you care, you’re insane. Black guys hate guys like me. One of them attacked me on the street once because I wouldn’t give him my wallet. Sure, robbing and punching a stranger in the head isn’t as bad as saying a bad word (lolwut?!?!), but I don’t think that guy shouldn’t be allowed to have a job. Because that would be… Insane.

    Got it? Man attacks me. He’s allowed to have a job. We both agree on that. Now, a Man says a bad word in private. You think he shouldn’t be allowed to have a job.

    You’re insane. You’re mentally ill. You are not right in the head. Some part of your soul is missing. You’re a defective human being. A moral cripple. The shit you’re saying is a lot crazier and more vicious than anything Sterling said. But you have a right to say it and keep your job. In my opinion. By my standards, not yours.

    By the way, the old dude in LA isn’t employed by the NBA, he’s the owner. And if he keeps the team, nobody will care about this a year from now.

    Because most people aren’t insane.


    Because he’s not a racist, he’s a jealous old man who said dumb shit. Look at what people do, not what they say.

    • Virgle Kent May 5, 2014 at 5:14 pm

      LOL, Dude you’re reading comprehension must have got messed up when you got punched in the head.

      “Other Rich white owners – Nobody with a high enough IQ actually believes Sterling is the ONLY owner that thinks/ feels the way he does, besides the fact that there have been clear obvious signs of his racis…”

      You obviously didn’t read any of my post but instead just wanted to cry about the time you got jumped or something. You have the funniest comment I’ve read in months though. I’m glad I gave you a plat form to cry about getting mugged though. If you still feel but hurt about it I’m sure there’s a support group you can join.

      • byronicmate May 5, 2014 at 5:27 pm

        LOL – you’re right. I think his brain must have rattled around a bit.

  3. JackBlack23 May 7, 2014 at 5:36 am

    nah I think you got it wrong — this was definitely part of a set up, not by any “liberals” themselves but by someone who knew that liberal hysteria would ensue and would force Sterling’s ouster … Sterling has made a lot of enemies over the years and lot of rich folks would love to own a marquee franchise like the Clippers … if you don’t believe me, check out the new outrage of the week over the Beverly Hills Hotel and Hotel Bel-Air being owned by the Sultan of Brunei (even though he has owned them for years), ostensibly because Brunei enforces sharia law which of course harms the gays or whatever … luckily, LA billionaire Haim Saban has now magnanimously and oh so conveniently offered to buy both properties to save the day …

  4. splooge May 8, 2014 at 7:08 pm

    very true been noticing this as well. Unless you make money independently through bigotry like say Geert Wilders or Hirsyi Ali or whatever her name is, to be a critic of islam for example,you can get away with it cause you have a niche group to profit from.

    Don Sterling is old too,they probably wanna get rid of him and have some young guy to take his job. His comments didnt even seem all that offensive, they just needed an excuse to get rid of him by the looks of it. Plus to those that are quite sensitive, they dont want their consumer demographic(blacks) to stop buying NBA merchandise.
    This is just like europe trying to fight “racism” in soccer, so that minorities will engage in the game.
    UFC does the same thing by hyping up foreign fighters and giving them easier opponents to devolp them to win over their host countries money. Such as the obviously weak usa fighters to be beaten by the best uk fighters in tuf. Or hyping Bisping and ZHang.

    Look at Mayweather (beat gf) and Badr Hari(beat 2 bouncer 1 DJ and 1 billionaire). They both got like 7 months in prision for their offences.

    Even Hari said it in one documentry, that he believed he didnt need kickboxing but kickboxing needed him. Hate him or love him,he puts asses in seats.

    In the end its not about “doing the right thing outta the goodness of their heart”. Its all about money. If bigotry was profitable, that would be a different game.

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