Paid: How to turn it around Pt. 1

I had an acting coach once who said, seething to the effect, you can’t be a different man if you keep doing the same things. I made up my mind that this year was going to be the year I turned a lot of thing around for myself personally. I didn’t make any new years resolutions I just told myself 2014 I had to make major changes to move forward. The thing is there wasn’t really anything wrong with my life the way it was. Things were just good enough but I had this feeling that I could do better. I felt that along the way of growing up I had gotten used to settling for the road with least resistance. I didn’t realize I was doing the same thing day in and day out and how quickly that turned into week in and week out and how even that had turned into year in and year out. That meant dating the same type of women, doing the same job, hanging out at the same places and having the same bad habits. Below I detail how, in six months, I improved my life and turned it all around to move forward. I will list the areas that could have used improvement and what I did.


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About The Author

Been in the game since 2005 and still learning everyday. But now I feel comfortable giving back and sharing wisdom with guys looking to improve one or two things in their lives that could increase their self confidence and the chance of having a favorable outcome in any romantic interaction with women. When you step to her you know you've already put in that work on your end. Nothing is left to chance.