Never Have A Hangover Again

 What if you could rage all night without the morning after consequences (well, at least the hangover part)? Throw down an all day boozin’ sesh with farmers markets, patios, pools, baseball games, and nighttime bar action and wake up spry the next day? Or an all weekend bender where you don’t come down and head to work Monday feeling little more than sleep deprived? How about a work night? Birthday Thursdays?

If you’re like me, these are regular occurrences, and the day(s) after are always there to remind you of your mortality. I take perverse pride in being able to handle a hangover, but some days can be brutal. That is until hangovers became old news when Mike turned me on to Alpha Lipoic Acid.

This stuff is an absolute game changer. I cannot stress just how *fucking awesome* ALA is, it has revolutionized my life (for good or bad has yet to be determined). I mark my party life progression by pre-college/college/moving downtown/introduction to ALA. That’s how good it is. You will never have a hangover again.

Alpha Lipoic Acid does a lot of cool shit- it’s an antioxidant, it helps regulate blood glucose levels, and protects your brain and liver (among other things). As far as how it helps when you’re drinking: It literally clears funky shit out of your blood stream in real time, as your piss smells like you ate a pound of asparagus. An inconsequential side effect unless you have some hang up over how your pee should smell. All the toxins and crap that makes you feel so bad the next morning- gone. It’s miraculous.

The first morning after I tried them out, I was beside myself with excitement. The implications were almost to great to fully understand. After a night that started with happy hour and didn’t end until bar close, which involved a half a fifth of BV, 6-7 shots, and countless beers and mixed drinks down the hatch, I was perfectly fine. I was still a little drunk, yes, but that passed after a bit and it was all sunshine and puppies. I can drink as much as I want, whenever and for as long as I want, and feel perfectly fine the next day as long as I got a supply of ALA. It is especially handy for weekday outings- no more of those dreaded work hangovers.

If this stuff works for me, a god damned tank, a veritable vortex of booze slanging, you better believe it’ll work for anyone.

You take one when you start drinking, one every 1 1/2-2 hours while you continue drinking (sometimes I’ll take one an hour if I’m really housing it), and then 1 right before passing out for good measure. I usually end up taking about 4-5 throughout a night and if I’m drinking all day it can reach 10. That’s it. Easy as pie.

Now, it will not sober you up or anything like that so if you need to watch your levels you’ll still need to chill. It also will not let you feel any more restful the next day- being drunk, you will still not get REM sleep. It just lets you go pedal to the metal and get off scot free the next day, which is still way awesome.

To add icing on cake, if you have a juicer you can seal the deal with a nice green juice after you wake. You’ll get some of that energy back and feel even better. Check out FitJuice if you need an introduction to juicing (which is one of the best health decisions anyone can make, period).

If you’re looking to get ALA, .Your first morning after, you will understand. Any supplement shop will have them for $10-20 but, as they say, give back to those who help you out.

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They call me Fly, Fresh, and Young. Gym rat by day, lecherous drunkass by night. Follow me on Twitter @nate_moneyh.

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  1. DVY August 4, 2014 at 11:47 am

    I used to do ALA regularly too. Key thing is to eat enough carbs (beer has carbs. hard A doesn’t) or you’ll get hypoglemic.

    I got gnarly headaches and my hands starting shaking after overdoing it.

    My 2c.

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