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I know man of NLU’s readers are from the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area and many others tend to visit and look for the new new places to go out. People from around here know the life cycle of clubs, lounges, and restaurants in the city. As soon as a new place opens up all the hot chicks go there the first month. Then some trendy city magazine website writes about it. Then guys hear about it through word of mouth that’s were all the girls are at. Then the weekend comes and  every dude in the city shows up, said dude then say it sucks and doesn’t know what all the hype was about since it’s a sausage fest and he didn’t get any numbers or ass. The place closes down after three months and reopens as something else. Repeat cycle

The thing to think about when going out in DC is location of venue. Divide the city into its proper sections and you should be ok. If you want super young college girls that are hot and dive bars with no competition but don’t really want to dance you’d want to head to Georgetown. If you want super young college girls with no competition that are average but you do want to dance you’d want to head to Adam’s Morgan. If you want hot women, fancy clubs to dance to, bottle service and are willing to pay the price then you’ll go to K Street. If you want a mix of women a more relaxed environment you’d head to U Street. Finally if you want a mix of everything and the ability to just jump around between dive bar, clubs and lounges with the age group of everything then Dupont Circle/ midtown area is where you want to be.

Last weekend at the end of the night I stumbled into a spot in Dupont Circle called Kabin. It was one of those Friday nights much as the summer has been where you wonder where all the girls are at. The streets were empty for this time of night and my boys had gone home. It was all black on the outside except for the gold letters and you could hear music coming from upstairs. There were ropes outside but no line. I asked the girl at the door what was going on and she told me they were a new lounge/ club that just opened up with a ski lodge décor as their thing. There’s always a gimmick, whatever. I was invited upstairs to check it out and was pleasantly surprised; THIS is where all the girls were at in all of fucking Dupont Circle. I quickly texted my boys that called it a night to let them know they were missing out. The interior and dance floor was packed with girls. The music was regular top 40 music, nothing incredible but the girls were dancing and seemed to be in a good mood to be approached. AS a guy there’s not much else you can ask for, oh and they were very attractive. The next night one of my Russian boys hit it up and reported back the same thing so I know it’s money.

This was last weekend so by the time you bamas read this today it will either be closed and called something else or a complete sausage fest. But right now get it while the getting is good. Kabin is definitely VK approved. If you go there or have been let me know what you think in the comment section.

P.S oh and if you see me there don’t come up yelling how much you love my blog, act like you’ve done this before

P.S.S if you see me there and I’m talking to a girl, don’t talk to t me.

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  1. twiggy August 10, 2013 at 1:47 pm

    dam dc is hella cut throat like toronto ive heard.
    wonder how vancouver hails in comparison

  2. TheBMan August 11, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    any cover charge?

    • Virgle Kent August 15, 2013 at 3:18 pm

      My fault someone commented with good info but I accidentally erased shit looked like it had good info to! Fuck.

      Anyways as far as I know there is no cover at all.

  3. breaking beta August 15, 2013 at 7:24 pm

    There is no cover. The place will be hot for a couple more months on the weekend before it loses it’s flavor. I was there yesterday and for a Wednesday in dc the talent was great. It’s a good switch up from ESL if you’re sick of going there for Reggae night. I’ve heard that they are trying to carve out Wednesday as the club go to spot…which is good because Kapital has Sunday and Heist has Tuesday, more than enough to hold you down before the weekend.

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