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The Black Dahlia

I’ve read Dylann Storm’s diatribe/ manifesto five times now. Reading it felt like being in one of those police procedurals where the murderer has already been caught but the detective keeps looking at photos of the crime scene because something is off, it seems staged or made for it to look one way but you have a sinking feeling it’s not that obvious. It will consume you and keep you up at night trying to figure out what it is. A crime so horrible that the only question to ask is why. The Black Dahlia all over again. Like a Rorschach test one person reads and sees one thing while another may read it and see another. I guess the “why” depends on the point of view of the “who”. I’ve read a WN website on the Mansophere try and say that what drove Dylann Storm to snap and go full WN was the fact that he was a beta who had a crush on a white girl and a black guy yoinked her away from him. Of course this would be the view point taken by those attempting to distance themselves and beliefs from a deranged lunatic. That’s a simple viewpoint. In his own words “The event that truly awakened me was the Trayvon Martin Case”

After one first read it’s tempting to go through the manifesto and piece by piece argue against the points and present counter facts to his ramblings. But that’s what the killer wants us to think in this procedural. As if he was the mastermind behind this grand plan when in reality he was just a soldier/ pawn in a bigger conspiracy that reaches to the highest levels like an octopus. You have to take a step back, go away and then come back and look at the picture again. It’s not the obvious bodies and blood splatter, it’s not what’s missing but what’s actually there.

Start with the pawn

I’ve been reading more and more post lately on “red pill” blogs about how useless/ worthless a formal education is today. The basic synopsis being that a proper education is bullshit and a man has all the resources he needs at his fingertips (internet) and through books to self-educate himself. This is a simple argument given by men who in most cases have already received said education and forget how lost some of them were during their teen to young adult years. How they hadn’t fully figured out what type of man they wanted to be and what type of knowledge said man would need. How much fear and uncertainty they felt about the future at one point or another in their youth. There’s that saying among lawyers paraphrased that a man who chooses to represent himself has a fool for a client. One could argue that the idiot who chooses to self –educate himself could end taught by a fool.

“The first website I came to was the Council of Conservative Citezens.”

From all the information I could gather it would appear that Dylann Storm repeated 9th grade twice and transferred schools during tenth grade but never graduated. This guy was a high school dropout not well traveled who read WN websites and received his education about what was happening racially in America and Europe. In his manifesto he flat out states that he believes that Whites are the superior race while Negros have lower IQ’s yet doesn’t realize with all his superiority he couldn’t complete high school. This is where you begin to understand the foundation and thinking behind WN websites. Dylann looked at his life and didn’t see it going anywhere. He gravitated towards these websites to cope and compensate for his personal shortcoming. Trying to increase his low worth within an established racial group to feel superior to others.  Believing that by birth right and according to all the WN websites he was more intelligent than he really was and it was blacks that were “taking” it all away from him. America.

This is what self-educating looks like when one seeks knowledge from a place of weakness and self-loathing. When you go searching for excuses and the reason why your life isn’t better than it is rather than ways to improve and enrich it. I actually don’t have anything personal against WN hate speech my problem is against the weak-minded individual that speech attracts and at some level WN actually acknowledging that. Don’t get it twisted and let me make this clear IT’S THE EXACT TYPE OF SPEECH THAT ATTRACTS RECRUITS TO ISIS! That’s right, the whole “we are better than those people”, “Those people shouldn’t be here”, and “This is our land and the only solution is a race war / holy war”. If you ever ask yourself how someone can become radicalized, join a terrorist organization and commit unspeakable horror please remember Dylann Roof. Remember hate isn’t the result of a religion or ethnic group. True hate for others is the result of the feeling of low self worth. That others are the only thing stopping you from happiness and living a full life.

Knowledge is power and Dylann Roof went searching for it but not in it’s pure complex form but in the form that would help him understand why his life didn’t amount to much. Why he was too stupid to complete a school that was in the “suburbs” a place he hated because he felt it represented whites running away/ being forced out of the city because of the violent blacks. At one point his self-educated views on the biology and intelligence of black was almost as laughable as phrenology. He’s views on slavery and how it was over exaggerated and not really “that bad” as we’ve been lead to believe was equivalent to holocaust denial. Dylann was an idiot being educated by collective fools. We can safely say that going full WN is the equivalent of going full retard.

“El pueblo unido, jamas sera vencido”

In the end like most WNs he believed there will be a great race war. The basic WN wet dream, finally a war that would give WNs a reason to kill black people to protect their own. That whites even though outnumbered would have enough power to take over and rule the blacks again based on …. Apartheid or whatever. This is not the logical thinking of an educated person. Looking back on history and not realizing that history itself has proven in a democracy denying a certain group of citizens civil rights cannot last. This is where the delusional fantasy kicks in and the longing for the “good old days” takes over

“I have no choice. I am not in the position to, alone, go into the ghetto and fight. I chose Charleston because it is most historic city in my state, and at one time had the highest ratio of black to Whites in the country”

Even though he had a gun he did not chose to start the great race war in the ghetto and bring it straight to the area with the most stupid and violent Niggers, the inner city. Showing his true colors as someone that feels superior he chose to go to a church and sit among elderly women and children. He literally picked the weakest and most vulnerable group of people who trusted him and invited him in among them as if he was one of their own in the eyes of God. Think about that for a second? He chose to begin his slaughter not among drug dealers or black panther members or the NAACP but among a group of people who worshiped a god that believed we are all equal and his children in his eyes. With his higher IQ he picked a group of people that did not believe in violence but turning the other cheek when being struck by your enemies. This was his plan to start a race war. How successful was he?

Hint: you know you suck at starting a race war when the victim’s family forgives you.

This guy was such a fuckup that he couldn’t kill nine people and get their families to hate him let alone start a race war. All that internet education learned and he failed to understand the true nature of a black family, of any community of Christians or people who truly believe and follow the teachings of God. The truth is that he was too dumb to comprehend the human spirit regardless of race. Despite what he read this is a group of people that won’t give into intimidation or terrorist acts. That have survived and overcame more hardship than he could ever imagine.  That as a society certain crimes can be committed that are so heinous and deprived that rather than tear the fabric of society apart it actually strengthens its members and brings them closer than before. In fact the only thing Dylann Storm Roof was able to accomplish was being so stupid WN’s tried to distance themselves from him as a one off and getting even southern states and leaders to agree the confederate flag is lame as fuck and needs to be put away. Basically causing the WN cause to take a full step backwards… Way to go dumbass


(Race War)


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  1. Headless Horseman June 25, 2015 at 7:27 pm

    One of your best posts ever. And I’m not one to hand out compliments to you easily. I’m glad you drew the parallel between WN and ISIS. This was a very moving piece of work. I’m enjoying this OpEd style stuff.

  2. Raquelly February 13, 2016 at 12:54 am

    62eObsidian, you’ve done a lot of good writing on the subcjet and I look forward to whatever you have to add to the discussion. Plenty of people want us to make this about Roissy, but there are several reasons why I don’t. First, the HBD thing is bigger than just Roissy. Second, if I was to use a blogger as an example, I’d rather talk about one who is purely or primarily HBD, rather than a mix of a bunch of other things like PUA and antifeminism, because that just muddies the water of the debate more. People will start debating PUA stuff, feminism, past beefs and scandals, and a bunch of other stuff that I think would take the comments in a whole different direction, especially because he’s so polarizing. If this was intended to be a general manosphere conversation rather than one specifically about HBD that would be a different story. Third, in the last installment a lot of HBDers in the comments try to disown him and claim he’s not a real HBDer, and that therefore to attack him I would be attacking a straw man. I don’t want to give them the opportunity to dismiss this on those grounds.I’m not intending to make this a debate about the whole manosphere, because there are plenty of manopshere people who aren’t HBD, and HBDers who don’t consider themselves part of the manosphere. That’s not saying that a discussion of the manosphere isn’t long-coming and needed, just that that’s not the intent of this present series.

  3. splooge March 21, 2016 at 8:19 pm

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