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In light of the recent terrorist bombing that happened in Brussels yesterday, I’ve been wrestling with one question over and over again. In fact every time there’s another terrorist attack in Europe the same question bubbles up in my mind. Why is Europe getting bombed every four months now and America is attacked maybe once every 10 years? Why does it seem that European Muslims are easier to radicalize than American Muslims. What makes America so Great. That is I’m admitting America is great, no questions there but what makes it so.I love America but what is it about this country. Europe and South America look down on Americans as loud boastful or prideful people. I agree with that but to be prideful you have to have something to be proud about.

My conclusion is that for better or worse this experiment known as America and its beliefs has succeeded for close to 240 years. While extremely young as a country compared to its European counterparts America has risen to become the greatest military and economic force the world has ever seen. That extremely fast rise is due to America’s beliefs, in certain ideas, ideas so strong it’s in its DNA. We all know those ideals, “All men are created equal”, “life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”, rights , the constitution, etc etc. Historically America hasn’t always been on the same page within its borders agreeing on these beliefs. That these freedoms could be applied equally to all American citizens. But by and large and more so than any other country on earth, the fundamentals have always been there and America has fought to move in the right direction through it’s history.

You immigrate to this country, swear allegiance to it and become a citizen and from that moment on you are American. You have the same rights, obligations and freedom as every other American but more importantly you are made to feel equal. There are no second class American citizens in theory (Poor vs Rich is another discussion). We have and are continuously updating laws so no group feels marginalized or discriminated against. America more than any other country embraced its immigrant, included them and grew stronger because of them. In short for over 100 years America as a nation has moved in the right direction to do everything correctly to make immigrants want to be here and feel at home once they are.

Again it hasn’t been smooth sailing for any group that immigrated here in large numbers. If you weren’t one of the first families that settled America then depending on who your immigrant ancestors were if they were Irish they were discriminated against and called micks, if they were Italians they were called dagos or guido, if they were oriental chinks, blacks everything and now it’s the Muslims turn. Despite the setbacks America grew as a nation because of the theory that a Nation is more than a specific bloodline or one religion.  In fact it’s stronger than that  It is the belief that we are all equal despite our differences. And throughout history when this belief has been tested by anyone America has been more than willing to step up and fight for it. That’s what makes America so prideful. That when push came to shove America stood up and shed blood for what it believed in.

This is why I believe it’s so hard (Not impossible) to radicalize American Muslims and to turn them into would be terrorist. ISIS or any other terrorist group would have a very hard time pointing to America as a country and saying we hate or are at war with Islam. American immigration goes out of its way to make new immigrants feel at home so much so that by the 2nd generation, children of immigrants feel more American and have stronger ties to America than their parents homeland (for proof look at bloggers that are children of immigrants here in America calling for anti-immigration bands). Look at our discrimination laws. Look at our school systems that absorbs many Muslim Holidays. Look at our tv shows and movies, government officials in certain precincts, lobbying groups and hiring practices. America tries to practice what it preaches when it comes to diversity and equality it’s had civil war and shed blood in civil rights for it. There can never be a doubt as to who America is as a country and what it believes in. I look at some of these European countries that are being attacked by Islamic extremist. From what I’ve seen in many cases citizens (second to third generation immigrants) that have lived in those countries for decades or grew up there are committing most of the terrorism more than F.O.B refugees. They are being radicalized and going vacationing in Syria or Libya to train with Islamic extreme forces only to return back to their European country and rain terror.  Some countries  their past have turned a blind eye to its immigrants, left them alone to fend for themselves in certain neighborhoods, went out of their way to make them feel like second class citizens. It leads me to believe that you can open up your borders and homes to refugees and immigrants as a show of goodwill and newfound belief in equality but if you don’t have a belief system, laws and governance that backs it up immigrants will always be just outsiders with stronger ties to where they came from than where they are at. Bottom line is they’ll always be a threat to worry about.

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  1. splooge March 23, 2016 at 4:48 pm

    I’ll take a crack at this too. There are places with significant muslim populations like western europe according to wiki has about 4-8% depending on the country(france has highest since most of its colonies were islamic nations), while Canada,Fiji,Deerborn,india(13% twice that of any euro nation),malaysia,singapore,New Zealand and australia,among others.
    DOnt seem to have a problem. Like canadas 2 were white crackheads that didnt have an offical conversion.

    Glad you pointed it out that the ones doing all this were western born muslims not the FOB parents. Typical of north african decent(moroccan,algerian,etc). But media puts them all together instead of the fact these are different nationalities with different culture and mindset. Plus the generational attitude.

    DOnt know fully to explain it, but since the 60s when they opened the border in europe, there was alot of discrimantion and assaults on these migrants.
    In fact (wiki it) the “paki bashings” were a thing among skinheads when they first started out.

    same story in places like france and germany.
    Neo nazis beating on them wasnt uncommon.
    But after the “solingen arson attack of 93”, where german neo nazis killed women and children.
    Only then they really cracked down on the neo nazis.

    negative sterotyping happens too, a cop shoots an egyptian man trying to save his wife from a russian dude stabbing them, assuming hes thte bad guy.Plus the 94 genocide of muslims in the blakans.

    These arent long ago. Its only after the iraq war, around 2008 when we start hearing minorities being more problematic. Be it blacks in usa, indians in canada or muslims in europe.
    But its all with the young crowd born there. The parents are the ones that put up with crap.

    The only thing I can take form this is that, the right wing party is allowed to speak in europe. Geert WIlders, Hisian Ali, Marine Le Pen and among others influence the Anders Brevik wannabes.
    In Canada and Usa takes the mic away from those people.

    WHen you have these people speak it creates mistrust and animosity. This will lead to alieanantion of the muslim youth since the europeans will resent them more. ANd I assume in their high school days mustve been rough. Not just older people. And when not dealing with crap from people, the media just throws more of “brown people bad”.

    Young adults with that rebellious phase will be a dangerous combo when giving the impression they are “bad and evil by nature” along with actual resentment from people plus history of discrimination of their elders.

    much of these migrants that north america has are coming from the same countires as europes.
    Clearly we are doing something right at where europe is failing.

  2. Anonymous Bro March 23, 2016 at 7:53 pm

    San bernadino, fort hood, chattanooga, we get rocked pretty often too. Its amazing Europe doesnt get it more.

    Also, ideas had very little do with it. Two oceans as defense, a primitive people as oppostion, and the white majority made america. The white majority is fading, and so is america (no, people arent all equal).

    I guess you should be proud. Its your country now. In the future, people wont even get annoyed at american posturing anymore, they will just laugh.

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