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While I advocate healthy eating and the straying away from carb laden products, sometimes you just have to feed that urge.  But ordering greasy processed delivery pizza is not only unhealthy, its also expensive and induces gluttony as you end up with far more food then you really need.  Now making pizza at home is doable, fun, and a good date activity, but its also time consuming and finicky if you aren’t experienced.  But there is an easier way and you can find the base ingredient needed at almost any megamart nowadays.

So what’s the secret to perfectly portioned easy at home pizza?

Naan bread.  Yes that stone fired flat bread we’re used to seeing at Indian restaurants makes the perfect base for a gourmet personal pizza that can be put together in just a few minutes.

Using naan bread as the base you can dress the pizza any way you like.  While homemade sauce would  be best, for this application its far from necessary, and when you’re using this to feed a once in a while jones its a little unnecessary.


Dress you hacked pizza crusts as you like with sauce, mozzarella, any variety of vegetables, meats, ect.  Make sure you don’t overload the crust though.

To cook your hacked pizza turn your oven up as high as it’ll go and cook on a sheet pan.  If you want a better crispier crust use your cast iron skillet as a “stone”  Leave the skillet in the oven for a 10 minutes after max temperature is achieved so that it gets good an hot then place the pizza right on it.  If you skillet is to small to comfortably hold the naan crust turn it over, cooking on the flat bottom.  This will make it easier to get the pizza off the incredibly hot cast iron once its cooked as well.


Don’t cheat often but when you do, do it well.


Cajun chicken pizza


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