Maybe the Best Crab Dip Ever

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Being a midwestern Ohio boy in the state of Maryland, crab has been one of the few remaining culinary apprehensions I have.  Its a big deal here, like BBQ in Texas, friend chicken and biscuits in the south, Jambalaya in New Orleans, ect.  I wont even touch crab cakes, its just asking for complaints, but among other crab dishes you can whip up, there’s on that’s still very quintessential but allows more interpretation and variety in what would be considered “good”, that being the humble starter, crab dip.  My variation on crab dip is very simple and pulls from two things that most Marylanders, hell most people, would agree goes well with crab, Old Bay and horseradish.



  • A relatively small microwaveable mixing bowl (about a quart in size will do)
  • A fork
  • A microwave


  • 1lbs lump crab meat (you can use backfin if you’re looking to do this on the cheap, but dont waste your money on anything nicer then just lump)
  • 6 tbsp mayo
  • 2-3 tsp of prepared horseradish, depending on how much bite you want it to have
  • 1 small handful of shredded mozzarella cheese (roughly 5 tbsp)
  • 1+ tsp of Old Bay, I like a lot of Old Bay, but I REALLY like salt too, so start with 1 tsp, you can add more in at the end if you like
  • *Optional: A dash of Tabasco

Do Work!

  1. Place all the ingredients in your bowl and mix slightly.  Its gonna be cold and stiff and hard to work with at this point so dont worry about getting it super homogenized, as it starts to warm up it’ll come together.
  2. Microwave for 1 minute, then stir gently, do this about 3-4 times or until the mixture starts to get fairly hot, you’ll be able to tell immediately because the mayo will start to break and you’ll start to see a little bit of a grease slick on the top
  3. Once you see that grease slick you’ll want to mix pretty vigorously to get the oil to re-emulsify
  4. Once you’ve mixed it back together to the point where it looks smooth microwave and stir, in thirty second bursts now, keep doing this until you can no longer see any remnants of the cheese.  Dont try to get it piping hot or the mayo will break resulting in an unmanageable and unappetizing greasy mess
  5. Serve with your preferred dipping implement (I like toasted or fried pita, but corn chips or crusty bread work well to)

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