Salmon for People Who Dont Like Salmon


A core concept of my diet is one thing: if it has a heartbeat, I’ll eat it.  There are few animals on this planet I don’t like, but there are a lot I don’t prefer, and many people are shocked that one of them is salmon.

Salmon is a much “fishier” fish and the taste can be a bit overpowering, especially if it’s just mediocre “bought this at the mega mart” salmon.  One unique characteristic of salmon, versus other fish, is it plays well with sweet flavors.  Asian glazes are common on salmon for this reason.

While glazes and sauces are a good way to take the punch out of salmon, you all know me and I just love rubbing my meat.


  • A grill
  • A small mixing bowl


  • 6 parts brown sugar
  • 3 parts Old Bay
  • 2 parts onion powder
  • 2 parts salt
  • 1 part black pepper
  • A pinch of cayenne
  • Salmon steaks

Do Work!

  1. Combine all dry ingredients in your bowl until completely blended and homogenized
  2. Sprinkle the rub liberally over the meat side (not the silvery gray side) of the salmon steaks and use the heel of your hand to gentle press it on
  3. Let these sit for about 5-10 minutes.  The salt and sugar will pull water out of the salmon and the rub will go from dry to wet.
  4. Heat your grill up to “fist of an angry god” hot and then lay the salmon on, rubbed side down.
  5. Once on the grill rub the bottom side (be careful not to burn yourself)
  6. After about 2 minutes turn the salmon 90 degrees and mark the other way
  7. After 2 more minutes flip the salmon over.  If you have a large enough move the fish to the other side as well (the opposite side will have been empty and therefore much hotter) and repeat the marking process.
  8. Pull your salmon off and enjoy, would be great over a salad dressed with a simple vinaigrette

When I made this for a friend’s birthday, of the group of 20 or so people at least three came up to tell me that even though they don’t like salmon, or fish in general, they absolutely loved this when they tried it.

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  1. A Axe December 5, 2012 at 8:44 am

    Fatty fish the best way to get it, but if you don’t eat it, supplement fish oil:

    About one of the few critical supplements.

    • Chef in Jeans December 10, 2012 at 7:35 pm

      Completely agree, I take caps for fish oil (when I can afford it #brokeswoleproblems) though if I get a chance I will eat salmon, even though im not usually a fan, because of the health benefits

  2. Francesco December 12, 2012 at 6:04 pm

    Nice receipt, thanks.
    I will try it soon as i am an huge salmon fan!

    Just one thing is not clear: whenyou put the fish on the grill, the rub side at first is facing the grill surface or not?
    Because point 5 is not really clear.


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