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For a while now I’ve been putting up a lot of recipes, but they’re all mostly things that you’d have to plan for. You have to go out and buy ingredients for these specific dishes, and while a good repertoire of dishes is important, what I would consider to be much more important is the ability to turn a little into something great. To that end I’d like to start a series wherein I highlight one item, preferably something quite shelf stable, that most guys can simply keep on hand and bust out when the need arises.



This week I’d like to talk about one of my favorite sauces of all time, Thai Sweet Chili Sauce or Chili Sauce.  This stuff makes everything amazing.  My favorite application is on chicken wings, but the sky is the limit with this stuff.  Its good on steak, chicken, wonderful on fried fish, it can be mixed with mayo to make a creamy sweet base for a asian inspired chicken salad,  and its fantastic on grilled food as the sugars in it caramelize well, similarly to BBQ sauce.

Like all Pantry Raider items it has a fantastic shelf life and is easily used for many different applications.

While good I find it can be a little sweet so I like to mix it in 3:1 with sriracha (an item that almost deserves its own shoutout and post, but who doesn’t know the glory that is The Rooster Sauce?)  You can find it basically anywhere, your local megamart most likely carries it in the Asian section.

Besides its application as a sauce, it makes a good foundation for a marinade, only requiring a little acid, like lime juice, to turn a plain piece of meat into a delicious one.  It can even be combined with mayo and a little rice wine or champagne vinegar to create a quick and very flavorful salad dressing.  If you dont have a bottle of this stuff laying around I highly recommend you go buy one.

If you have any questions, potential recipe ideas, or just general want to know if your application of a Pantry Raider item is a good idea leave it in the comments, I’ll try to check at least once a week and get back to you with an answer.

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