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FDO: Camo Swag

Can you fucking see me!?! What? To continue with our Outlaw /Rebel Fashion series I thought I’d switch it up and throw a curve ball. A trend that I’ve noticed designers and name brands experimenting with on the runway and [...]

October 9, 2014 FDO, Style

FDO: The Mr. Mayhem

To start off my Outlaw Rebel Fashion series I wanted to start with a look/ style that was simple, all black everything. Now it’s easy to be cynical about dressing in all black like some goth kid in high school [...]

October 2, 2014 FDO, Style

FDO: Outlaw/Rebel Fashion

                                        Fall has started alongside with one of my favorite show’s Sons of Anarchy’s last season. This seems like the perfect [...]

October 1, 2014 FDO, Style

Introducing First Date Outfits (FDO): White Denim

Suit game is dead, long live suit game. Those who follow me know that I’m a big proponent of wearing suits and dressing to the nines on dates. I feel comfortable in a suit and feel that I can project [...]

August 29, 2014 FDO, Style