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Podcast with Twenties mentor

I was finally able to hook up with Twenties Mentor and do a podcast. It was mad cool and he let me ramble on and push my ideas and thoughts of where I feel the game is right now. Have [...]

December 4, 2014 Everything Else

PUA Theory Vs Reality: Marrying a career girl

  The PUA theory goes that you’re supposed to marry a woman who doesn’t work at all. Instead stays at home and spends all of her time raising your children and being a stay at home mother who cooks cleans [...]

November 20, 2014 Everything Else, Game

Bad Chick Episode 03: Phone a Friend

    I’m speaking to you brother now and it feels like we are talking from two different spaces. Sometimes it’s as if you’re ahead of me living your life and experiencing things that I won’t for months or years [...]

November 12, 2014 Game

PUA Theory Vs Reality Marrying Women Over 30

At the old age of 34 I’ve come to the realization there are a lot of PUA and Red Pill advice that’s out there that sound great in principle or theory but once applied to day to day reality don’t [...]

November 6, 2014 Game

Bad Chick Episode 02: On Some Mr. & Mrs. Smith Shit

Maybe we are attracted to a certain type of woman. Maybe our ideals of the perfect woman are false, we chase this thing, her, an object we can never truly capture, a ghost of an idea. All women are flawed, [...]

October 31, 2014 Game

Hozier, Love, Religion, Sex, Death and the Blues

It’s rare and album and singer like Hozier come along and surprises the critic and the masses with such pure honesty. The lead single Take me to Church, off of his self-titled album is perfect intro that lets you know [...]

October 23, 2014 Everything Else

Bad Chick Episode 01: Meeting, Greeting, Cum Pants

    “This is the life we chose the life we lead and there is only one guarantee, none of us will see heaven”     Brother what did we give up for this life for this knowledge? When we [...]

October 17, 2014 Game
Mighty Ducks

FDO: Camo Swag

Can you fucking see me!?! What? To continue with our Outlaw /Rebel Fashion series I thought I’d switch it up and throw a curve ball. A trend that I’ve noticed designers and name brands experimenting with on the runway and [...]

October 9, 2014 FDO, Style