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Introducing First Date Outfits (FDO): White Denim

Suit game is dead, long live suit game. Those who follow me know that I’m a big proponent of wearing suits and dressing to the nines on dates. I feel comfortable in a suit and feel that I can project [...]

August 29, 2014 FDO, Style

Paid: OKC bang 8: Almost lawyer

Her profile was straight forward and real. You could tell by reading it she was exactly how she described herself with no fluff or exaggeration. She was a straight shooter, took herself a little seriously, cautious and had her guard [...]

August 27, 2014 Game

Paid: OKC bang 7: The Thicky Mexican Squirter

It started with the fact that she liked me or liked my profile OKC. When I looked at her picture she was cute a little kid though. She was 23 and tatted up. The kind of tattoos all over her [...]

August 25, 2014 Game

The Best Relationship Show You’re Not Watching.

Five episodes in and Satisfaction has turned out to be one of the realist shows about marriage I’ve seen in a long time. It’s a fair and balance approached at how a couple can see the same relationship through two [...]

August 22, 2014 Everything Else

Mob Deep

I went to a small college in the south. Once a year during the spring the Fraternities and basically every apartment housing would through a party on Saturday. This had been going on for god knows how long and over [...]

August 19, 2014 Everything Else

Funny How?

Humor is probably one of the hardest things I’ve personally noticed for a guy to pull off as part of his game arsenal. The reason being is that it’s so subjective and hard for anyone to characterize or pin down [...]

August 5, 2014 Game

What a real international player looks like… from the feet up

Last time Roosh was back for a month we had the chance to hangout very often. On one night we went bar hopping around his neighborhood. He purposefully wore a Russian shirt (this was when the whole Russia, Ukraine thing [...]

August 1, 2014 Game

VK’s Favorites: The best summer / day time Cologne

For many years my favorite and only cologne I wear at night has been Polo Black. To me the simple art of picking out cologne is to pick a scent that reminds you of you. Polo Black is an extremely [...]

July 22, 2014 NLU STORE